Building a Business – Keep Smiling

You know how they say laughter is infectious? So is smiling. Even if you don’t feel so good. if you think of something to smile about or smile at someone else, you will feel better and you will possibly brighten someone else’s day. If you are in a bad mood, try to think of something that makes you smile, like for many it is just the thought of cute little puppies, or other animals. That is why they use dogs as therapy for many ill and elderly people. It’s because they make people happy to see them and pet them.

This of course is usually referring to in the physical world – but is also true of online. If you convey that you are having a good time and loving what you are doing, you may change the way another person is feeling; or encourage them to see things in a positive light. Truth be known if you are working yourself too hard and too long you might not remember how you liked doing this anymore.

There are studies being done that are saying that people on the Internet are happier and more satisfied with their life than people who do not go online. There really is a feeling of community and ‘connectedness’ online and you are really never alone; especially if you use Skype or other Chat clients, forums or social networks. This is where you can shine. Even if it hurts, try to keep shining! People will be attracted to you because you are happy and they will want to have what you have or do what you are doing because everybody would like to be happy.

So this is one place it is ok to ‘fib’ a little – if somebody says ‘how are you doing’ and you really feel tired, disgusted and discouraged, don’t say that – instead, say ‘I am doing fine’ (and you are) and hopefully you don’t have to think of all the unfortunate circumstances that you could be having to remind yourself that you are really fine in comparison.

There will be times when you are over-tired or discouraged because you may not be seeing the results that you expected. You should never allow this state to take hold of you because it can literally derail everything if you lose your motivation. If you have to make a list of what is motivating you to start a business, do that.

When you feel discouraged you might really need to take a break and get away from your computer for a day. Go do anything else – preferably something healthy that involves fresh air, sunshine, and some exercise, which definitely stimulates you and will get you going again on the right track. Whatever it is that you can do to keep from letting discouragement swallow your motivation, just do it.

Working At Home Online – Concepts and Strategies

Right off the bat we should examine our feelings and perceptions about ‘w-o-r-k’ itself. It is important that we understand the attitude of the two kinds of workers. One sees work as only a means to an end = money. Others see it as something they enjoy doing while they get to the object = money. Obviously it is not necessary to enjoy working to make money, but it sure does help to feel happy and gratified with the work we do and consequently we may be motivated to ‘go the extra mile’. It is that mile that sometimes makes the difference between success and failure.


If we close our mind then we never grow – in the negative scenario, we have decided we are bored with and do not particularly like working. However we enjoy eating and having shelter, so we do whatever we have to do – we go through the motions. This really sounds like drudgery and like a hamster caught in a wheel (a rut). It is no wonder with this attitude that we do only as much as is required. We do not feel particularly good about ourselves and maybe figure if we had more on the ball (upstairs) we wouldn’t have to demean ourselves doing something we don’t like.

Conversely if we try to enjoy our work, we are more than willing to explore new possibilities to make things more efficient and to deliver a better product, whatever it is. If we keep an open-mind and really if we don’t like what we are doing, then maybe we can at least learn to respect it; as the truth is it is what is supporting our survival. It’s critical. There are many things we can do to motivate ourselves when we need a little push. It can be something directly related to your work like doing a little research on the industry and keeping up with the state of the art. Even something mundane like statistics can give us a little buzz. There is life beyond the cubicle!

What if you challenge yourself to do more than usual and/or in a faster time? What if you actually stop to analyze your steps in a process to see where you can make some time by omitting a step? When it comes to working for yourself online at home you may do some research and discover that contrary to your previous belief, there are services which are affordable that can help you to do something or even completely do it for you. No problem, learn to delegate anytime you can afford to do it.

There is a pervasive situation online with people starting up home businesses and then scrapping the whole idea in under 3-months. The reasons vary but are almost always one of these: They can’t afford it, they don’t have time, and/or they don’t understand what to do. In every one of these excuses there are ways they could make it work if they were really motivated to succeed – in more ways than just the desire to have more money. If they could see success as doing something they love, striving to do it really well, and as a result being rewarded with money, then they are really thriving!

Work Around the Clock!

Working in waves, working at home can be done either part or full time. There is much work to be done, usually, and that is a blessing both from a financial standpoint as well as a psychological one. Work makes us feel accomplished or gratified, particularly if we enjoy it.

work around the clock

They say ‘some people live to work and some work to live’. Live to work means that their work is very important to them and they would almost rather be working than doing anything else. Work to live means work is just a means to an end – you have to do what you have to do and you may as well try to smile because love it or hate it there is no other way to live except to work.

We all have many jobs. Most women and men have work beyond their main (day) jobs as well, e.g., housework, cooking and other maintenance. If they are blessed they also have a partner and a family, where nurturing relationships also requires their time.

If you are working at home part-time in conjunction with a day job, you can figure you need 10-hours for your day job, including travel and then 8-hours of sleep so now we have 18-hours down and a mere 6-hours to go in our day for everything else. This time can be divided for meals, spending time with mates and family, grooming, laundry, shopping, etc.

So let’s see you may only have a few hours a day that you could devote to your second business. Really a tough road to ride but way simpler than getting a second job where you have even more unpaid travel time! If you are consistent, even with just the small amount of time you have, you will eventually see results. Especially once you learn exactly what you need to do and how to do it, then you can set things up so that many things can run automatically or with just a small effort.

Good thing there are 24-hours in a day. When you look at work in terms of a 24-hour clock there is so much more capacity than the typical 8-hour job where you pack it all in; If you didn’t get everything done in that time, then you either have to stay late with or without additional pay, or it may be possible to just postpone it a day or so, although this is not such a great idea actually.

It will really take some self-sacrifice and real discipline to have both a day job and a business, again though once you get it going it shouldn’t be too bad. The key is really in being focused and getting it all done. It is also important that we take time to relax – it is not slacking if you do your work first and then kick back. Nobody should stay wound up working around the clock without taking a breather. It’s just not healthy and will take its toll, so consider relaxing as one more task that is necessary.

Take Control of Your Own Life – Start a Business at Home

Hopefully it will never happen to you, but you should know it is a possibility. That is that the job you might love and excel at is suddenly eliminated. Through no fault of your own the company has made the decision to eliminate your position or your department. This may be due to a ‘workforce reduction’ or ‘outsourcing’ implemented as a cost-cutting strategy; or may be due to a merger with another company where your department or position may be seen as redundant.

get a grip!

For whatever reason it is really shocking when it happens. Companies don’t give you much warning typically because they do not want to have their systems or efficiency possibly sabotaged. In fact they are advised to let you know on a Friday afternoon so that you have the weekend to get over the shock. Usually if the company is even half-way decent they will give you pay in lieu of notice, and usually that is calculated by something like your years of service multiplied by 1 week. They will also pay you in lieu of vacation time you may have accrued but not used.

Assuming that you have not done anything wrong it is not the same as getting ‘fired’ where you wouldn’t see severance pay. Being ‘laid off’ without cause, in some states you would automatically qualify for unemployment insurance. So you have a little buffer zone there if you put all of your funding sources together. You can live while you seek a new position.

Herein lies the rub, however: If this ‘downsizing’ is during a recession or other times of high unemployment, finding another job is not always a slam dunk, no matter how good your qualifications, experience and reputation. Many companies will not create new positions and will not fill positions where people retire, quit or are fired. They will just do without and this along with everybody looking for work at the same time reduces the number of jobs available.

So while you should spend time looking for a job, you may also consider ways you can create an income regardless of what anybody else does. You can do this by starting an online home business right away. The reason to still look for a job however is that it can take some time before a new business will start earning money. You might want to consider it a part-time or ‘extra’ income strategy. The more time you are able to invest, the more you may see that maybe you don’t want another job and you just want to work in your business at home full-time.

The time to plan for a disaster like losing your main source of income is to get something going BEFORE it happens. If it never happens then even better, because everybody can always use the extra income to pay off bills, go for a vacation or make a high ticket purchase for something necessary like a new car, repairs on your current vehicle, or medical expenses.

The point is you need to be in control so you are not vulnerable to financial ruin at the hands of the economy or business mismanagement. Do it now. Avoid the rush.

Starting a Successful Online Business – What is the Recipe for the Secret Sauce?

It would be great if there really was such a thing as the ‘secret sauce’ that would make us all rich with little effort or investment. It is really a mystery why some people succeed and some don’t. Instinct may say that one worked harder or smarter than the other and maybe that is a key; or maybe one had more money to invest. There are many wildly successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of college or never went – so while in a job career a degree may be the key to a higher income, it is not necessarily so when you are in business for yourself.

key to success

Since we are the sum total of all of our experience, maybe there is an advantage to prior business experience. Certainly knowledge and wisdom never hurt; so all of these things may be considered ‘education’. Maybe that is why some schools will give us credit for ‘time served’ – on the job and other life experience that does equip us to survive and thrive. With the advent of everyone having access to the Internet, we have a vast virtual public (free) ‘library’ of information on just about any subject.

Not only can we read about and learn concepts and theories as in a school book, but we can have real examples in links that are as close as a click. We can research and analyze and learn just about anything we need to succeed. The key is just in doing that and then in taking action to use what we have learned. Of course there are also opportunities to just set something up and get going, for example as an affiliate marketer or independent distributor. Even with all the things done for you so that you can just ‘plug in’ and go, you still need to know HOW TO promote those businesses in order to start what can become a successful online business.

One issue appears to be confusion about some of the terminology bandied about in the industry, such as ‘passive’ income. Just to clarify this in front, let’s take ‘passive’; When it comes to income, definitely not the classic definition, “accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance”. No way. You will get exactly nowhere in business without an ‘active response’.

What ‘passive income’ actually means is for example having ‘residual income’. This would be passive because you make the sale only once, but then receive commissions every month on that initial sale; specifically if you are earning money from referrals, as long as your referral remains active you will keep passively earning money. This still does not mean you can make a sale and kick back – you do need to keep aggressively pursuing new business because of the fact that people frequently quit the programs. Ideally you don’t wait until you have no income from that source and then find a replacement. You need to ‘stay ahead of the 8-ball’.

Secret Diary of a Work At Home Business Wo(Man)

Let’s just start out with the bottom line – work-wise, she (or he) is Kicking It! She works around her life rather than her life needing to somehow fit in around her j-o-b’s.

work at home freedom!

She gets up when she wakes up, no need for the alarm shock treatment to begin her day! She can come and go as she pleases because she is on a 24-hour clock. There is no rush to cram everything into a small space of time, the ‘8-hour workday’. On the other hand, if she did need to do that for some exceptional reason, for example to free up the rest of the day, she could – it only depends on how it strikes her at the time! Every day can be different!

She knows one must be diligent (number one priority) to plan and organize her time so that all of the daily tasks are completed timely. This allows her to really enjoy her ‘me’ time even more – again, no rushing, no guilt, she will enjoy taking a walk in the fresh air, going shopping and running errands, off and on — and then periodically doing various business functions = in ‘chunks’ – or blocks of time.

Get it done and then escape! This is an important point and that is that you can and should do it the way it works best for you. Can you see how that would make you so much more creative and your mind more open if you were able to do things the way you do them best, rather than having to do them because of some bureaucratic or regimented rule of thumb.

She knows it is of the highest importance after getting everything done on time, that we get out of our offices! Break free! She knows that one doesn’t want to start living in one’s office! It is your office that is in your home. Not your home that is in your office. Or is it? Very important to shut the door – it is not slacking to take your mind away from business for regular periods other than when sleeping!

She can get real ‘cabin fever’ or start feeling like a hobbit from being ‘home bound’ too much. Home is where the heart is, but there is a whole world out there – whether we are working in an office building or from home for that matter, we can really miss the whole day – all daylight hours — if we are too immersed in our work all the time!

In fact that scenario is probably more prevalent with those that work from home – working too much instead of not enough. There is no going home from the office when you work at home. She knows that it is not healthy to do nothing but work. When you enjoy your work it is much easier to enjoy your life as well, however ‘too much of a good thing’ is still not being balanced! We need to work hard and get plenty of rest and relaxation too!

One Thing a Home Business Start-Up is Not, is Instant Gratification

It is almost unbelievable how many people go through all the motions of setting up and starting a home business, but then quit before it is possible to see any results. It is as if there is this huge high that comes with joining programs and getting all the freebies. However like most highs it doesn’t last if someone has not planned realistically to take the subsequent steps to develop the business.

It seems like even when training and other major benefits are provided, there is no appreciation in the sense of even making good use of everything. Rather there is a sense of entitlement. People really don’t think things through logically either before-hand or even after the fact. They want to hold someone else accountable for making it happen.

They want to know who is going to do the work. Certainly not them!? When there is no real substance or direction, as soon as it becomes apparent to the person that nothing will ever happen unless they take action to promote their business, they quit without even really trying. It is as if they put it all up just to see the magic show and when they have proven to themselves finally that the business is just like a job where you have to w-o-r-k (gasp) – the gig is up, they are out of there.

This would be bad enough in that it is a monumental waste of time and resources, but then comes the blame game; the very people that tried to help them become the villains. Their sponsor doesn’t answer their emails that often ask questions that are already explained on the website; and the program is a rip-off scam because it doesn’t work the way they think it should. Forever after, they will always pronounce that they have ‘lost their money on scams’. They are always leery ever after.

Never once does it ever occur to them that if they had been realistic or logical they would have at least made an honest effort to follow the directions. Unbelievably they will repeat the same pattern over and over again – denying reality, refusing to really participate, and always off in search of the ‘secret sauce’ that of course you just pour on your computer and it transforms everything into money.

Amazing that they never figure out that the secret sauce is found in w-o-r-k. One must focus on their business consistently and become disciplined within themselves if they want to develop a real business. More than likely the people who do find instant gratification are happy with their work. They have a sense of achievement and accomplishment even before they make their first sale. It is about them having taken action to get started and to take all the steps that will eventually lead to their success.

Internet Marketing Terminology – What is Autopilot?

Autopilot is one of those ‘pie in the sky’ words that people imagine to mean all kinds of things, such as ‘no work required’. While ‘autopilot’ may mean that certain aspects of the business process BECOME automatic, that is not until you set them up first, make sure they are working as expected and ideally to have a way to track your progress or lack thereof.


When it comes for example to an online business such as if you are participating in an affiliate program, the programs themselves will perform many of the necessary services for you, such as responding to your customers, both pre-sale and membership services, processing your orders and accounting for your sales. In this sense your business is running on ‘autopilot’. This is a major benefit in that all of the above are time-consuming as well as they can cost money if you had to pay to have them done.

Very few programs however, will actually market and/or advertise for you. They may have resources you can use for these purposes, and they really should, since your success is their success, as they say. Big surprise, you won’t have customers, sales or commissions unless you first promote the business diligently to attract people to your product or service. This usually takes time, because you need wide exposure, as the vast majority of people will not be interested. You must remain firmly undaunted by this fact, and you must constantly be seeking and finding new business.

Unless you have a lot of money in your operating budget (which few individuals do) to employ services to promote your business, you will need to be actively engaged in doing the work that will create and develop your business. There is no way around it. Having a website or other link on the Internet is not like being in a shopping mall, where people just happen to walk by and see your business. If they see something that interests them, they can decide to get more information and walk in. On the contrary, no one will know your business exists unless they see your links in the search engines, see your advertisements online, and/or receive your promotional emails, etc.

There are plenty of gimmicks and gadgets that can ‘automate’ just about any of the techniques mentioned above. They can greatly reduce the time and effort you need to spend, and again, once you set them up and they are running, you may consider them ‘automatic’. For example, one that you probably can’t do online marketing without, an autoresponder. The autoresponder both collects or captures the email addresses of people who sign up to receive information, and it also automatically takes that address and begins sending a series of emails to it automatically. That is one of the few processes that will truly run on ‘autopilot’.

Internet Marketing Strategy – The Problem with Done-For-You Techniques

The problem with having services done for us is if we think that is all there is to it. Folks want to believe they can just kick back and wait for traffic and sales. You should never wait or rely on any one thing. Unless ‘done-for-you’ guarantees actual paying customers; not free affiliates who may or may not ever upgrade; not traffic or visitors that may or may not do anything but leave tracks; not leads or prospects who sometimes have no idea how you got their information and are not interested.

All of the latter are definitely still possibilities and as such have some value; and definitely if you can afford a service that will help you with any of those resources, go for it. The problem is only when we believe we ‘got it covered’ and we don’t do anything else to promote our business. We rely on the service and it is maybe a form of denial that we want to believe we don’t have to do any work.

While it is true if you have money to invest in having services performed on your behalf, you would do less work, but you still need to be engaged in your business and doing everything you can to advertise and market your business.

There are actually things that have value in that respect that are free. They require more work than having services done for you, so if you have even more money to invest by all means have those things done for you also. They won’t be considered ‘free’ if you do this but the point is that everything possible is being done to develop business.

Unfortunately in the beginning we may just be naive. As such we don’t even know how to check if what we are paying for is even being done, let alone if it is having any result. Again a ‘result’ in Internet marketing is not necessarily a sale where there is tangible proof (money) that the service is working, although of course this is the ultimate goal. However as defined above, traffic, visitors, prospects, or any response short of a direct sale is still a positive result because it may become more eventually.

People really need to understand both that nothing will ever happen if we do nothing but wait and ‘imagine’, and that there are never any guarantees when it comes to advertising and marketing. In fact there are no guarantees of anything. Will your job still be there a week from now? You never know. Maybe it is likely, but there are no absolute guarantees. Not even a guarantee we will wake up tomorrow. So we need to make the most of everything that we have to work with at all times. If you do wake up, get to work! Make the most of it!

Home Business Strategy – Always Exercise Logic

No matter how good something sounds, you have to ask yourself if it is believable. It is not only about the speaker or writer and whether or not you find them believable, (trust them, respect them, etc.), but really more so about your interpretation of what they are saying (does it seem realistic?). In this regard, always remember to keep this little saying in mind: ‘If it sounds too good to be true it probably is’.

Just like ‘it is not what you say but how you say it’, it is really all about how you interpret and process information. Your logical mind tells you that people only earn money by doing honest work, but your denial tells you there is some magical process on the Internet that creates ‘wealth without work’. So that is why when people read something that may be interpreted in a few different ways, they will always opt for the one where they don’t need to do anything. Their sponsor, the program, or magic will do it for them.

Let’s look at an example. You read that Joe Rich will set you up in business and you can start making money in 24-hours, and all you do is pay a small one-time or monthly fee. Joe is not lying. You can START in 24-hours (as soon as he gets your account ready, etc.). Will you read that you will be making money in 24-hours?

If you think about that logically, you might ask yourself why, if that is really all there is to it, everybody is not making money on the Internet. Why are people still working at jobs when they can just sign up and start creating wealth while sipping umbrella drinks at the beach?

More than likely before you see a dime, you will need to start by learning what to do and how to promote your business — and then actually START doing it. Realistically you will need to KEEP doing it on a consistent basis (just like a job) in order to start driving traffic to your site. At that point some of the traffic may convert to sales. Whether or not it does you need to keep it up indefinitely.

It may actually be POSSIBLE to make money in 24-hours but that would be IF you had experience, and IF you had a list of existing customers or prospects that are already familiar with you (not random). This is not the same as buying a list of leads (random). Don’t worry about this going forward because you will begin to build and develop relationships. Those very same random people will not be random in just a few emails or interactions on a forum or social network.

This is not to discourage you from starting a home business – it is actually quite the contrary, and is to help prevent you from becoming discouraged when you realize you are not seeing any money after a couple days or weeks. Know that it is because this is only logical and that it is due to the fact that you have not done sufficient W-O-R-K to make it happen YET. Contrary to popular belief it is not to say Joe Rich is lying and just wants to steal your money, or that product, service or program is lousy or saturated.