Fence Sitters: Thinking About Starting an Internet Business

The key to everything is taking action. While things usually start with a thought or idea, somebody has to do something to make them happen! We should first analyze our situation – why do you think you want to start a business from home? Likely it has to do with money. However there are other intangibles that could be causing you to think about starting your own business.

jump the fence

For example maybe you are in a rut at work, and wish you had a different job; know you could do more and you want to be more interested and invested in what you are doing. Maybe you would like to be with your family more, or are bored with staying at home to take care of kids or others, and while this is very important, you don’t find it particularly stimulating mentally. Or for many reasons when you have looked for a job you were over or under-qualified, didn’t agree with some ideologies of the company, weren’t ‘politically’ connected and/or just didn’t fit in.

Maybe through years of trial and error you find that you really want an alternative lifestyle. Guess what! It’s your life and if at all possible you should be able to live the way you want to. After all they say you only live once and the regrets that people have are more about what they didn’t do than what they did. How tragic.

So many people have to ‘sell out’ just to survive. They can’t be themselves or have any fun at least in public and still keep a roof over their heads. Anybody logical knows that is the primary consideration – survival, and so they don’t feel that bad about having to go along with the program in order to live comfortably. Guess what! You can have it all if you can think of a way to become self-employed. If you have a home, a computer with an Internet connection, and some basic skills, you have all the makings of a home business.

Now all you have to do is determine some ways that you can make money. You may have to do this in stages where it is not your best idea that is the most feasible. Just like in a corporation where you have to start at entry level and work your way up, you may need to do this with your own business – but the point is to start some place. There are a number of different things you can do and/or learn to do online that would make a fine business someday.

At all points the search engines are your best friend. You can research anything just by submitting a query and you can drill down with all the links you can find that give you information about your ideas. If it is something you need to learn, find out how you can do that, how much it will cost, if anything. Do comparative analysis on all of your ideas to see what is most feasible for you. Be sure you know what you are doing and how to do it before you ‘burn any bridges’ (quit your job, fire your boss, etc).

Be realistic. You need a way to survive while you are building and developing your business. Be logical – nothing is going to happen overnight or by magical thinking. Set your target goals and then plan exactly what you need to do to make it happen. The budget to survive in the meantime should be a primary consideration, obviously. Eyes wide open, march onward and upward to reach your goal!

How to Create Your Vision for Your Work At Home Business Online

Visualization of our goals can’t stop at imagination. We have to take action — that is w-o-r-k to make it happen. It’s only reality that for the average person, there is no such thing as wealth without work.

visualize reality

Daydreaming is fun, but it can be counter-productive. When we are not realistic or we have not defined achievable goals, we can quickly have our hopes dashed. Of course it is good to ‘aim high’ and ‘dream big’, but if we set such lofty goals that they may be impossible to achieve at this juncture, this can become discouraging. This is magnified exponentially if the person really thinks he can earn money instantly, by magic or osmosis, and what a crashing disappointment when they find out that they probably won’t.

For someone who has never started a business before, like most budding online home business entrepreneurs, there may be lots of false starts. Until we get real and create a real plan with reasonable expectations, we are just wasting time and resources – ‘spinning our wheels’.

Remember that the ‘key to success is to stay in the game’. Will there even be a slim chance of victory if we give up and quit too soon? No, we are done at least for now. However, if we can just keep trying, even in the face of not seeing any tangible results over an extended period, there is still a chance things will start improving as we grow along. You never know what is right around the corner because you can’t see that far. If we quit too soon without giving ourselves and the program a fair chance, we will never know what we might have achieved.

However, not everybody is cut out to be in this environment – and it will serve us well if we can seriously admit that we cannot relate to this and do not want to do this — and then move on. If we can only function where there is structure – and require that when we take action we see immediate results, then maybe this may indicate we need a job instead of our own business. There is no shame in this. Just like not everybody can ice skate – or even wants to. What we all have in common either way is we need more money.

If you need something where you do XYZ with the promise of $X, then get a job, or a second job. However if you want to see how far you can go (where $X becomes $XXX) then you may have to ‘step out on a limb’ for a while – you have to take a risk that your time and effort will result in a greater reward than you can expect within the structure of having a job with guaranteed pay.

However, if we want our own business bad enough that we are willing to endure almost anything within reason to achieve it, then we will eventually find a way to do just that. While it is important to take action while we are inspired, it is equally relevant to be realistic both about what we need to do and what we can logically expect to achieve. If we can build on that, we will have the foundation for a successful home business.

What is your Motivation to Start Working From Home?

There are many things that may be the primary and/or secondary reason to start a home business. People may only need extra money to supplement what they earn from their job, or even their social security/retirement income. Money just doesn’t stretch the way it did before, and the costs just to survive are increasing all the time. If you are locked into a ‘fixed income’ – whether by your job or by your benefits, you notice they are not being increased, if at all or not sufficiently to keep up with the cost of living. So a part-time home business would be a perfect way to take control of your own life and earn more money.

Or you may really be interested in becoming ‘self-employed’ – and there can be many reasons for this desire as well. You could be disenchanted by your career and realize that given the current economic situation in general, that you can only look forward to meager annual raises in your salary. You may realize that you are not likely to be promoted and that your current position is about as far ‘up’ as you can go in your company for various and sundry reasons. Going through all the same motions every day, going to the same job, taking the same route, expecting the same thing, “same story, different day” may have you actually feeling depressed.

Worse, you have seen a decline in the revenue over a long period of time and you wonder how your employer will deal with that. Or worse still they are actually stating that they will be cutting back on staff or ‘restructuring’, but you just don’t know what areas and if it will hit your department or position directly. If they haven’t warned about this – and they often don’t, one thing to look out for is when the managers and supervisors start leaving or transferring out. It may seem like a coincidence at first, and may even seem like they got ‘promoted’. Companies do not want to scare people as this will affect their bottom line as far as productivity and morale, and these are reasons why they probably won’t give you any warning.

Remember that they view it as positions, not people. While as humans they may have sympathy and empathy about taking someone’s job away suddenly, their job is to run the company (and appease their stock holders with dividends) and that is really their only consideration. Positions, not people. It may seem cut-throat but that is the reality. Business is in business to make money, not lose money or help out their staff.

If they are a half-way decent company they will at least give you pay in lieu of notice if you are suddenly faced with an undeserved ‘pink slip’. In any case, since in this case you have not done anything to get fired, and you did not quit willingly, you will likely qualify for unemployment insurance effective the day you receive your “notice”. States have their own laws and regulations so be sure to find out ahead of time what your situation would be. In addition a decent company will pay you for your vacation time or if they are really broke let you take your accrued vacation days before your termination date.

This all leads up to the possibility that you might want to start working from home in your spare time only to save some money. Wouldn’t it, given the situation described above, be great to know you have saved a few thousand dollars that you can use to live on until you are able to find a way to replace your income from your former salary?

The Three D’s of Internet Marketing Success

There are three elements that one must possess to succeed with an online business. They are Discipline, Determination and Doing.

Do IT!

Discipline: to force yourself to stick to your plan and make a firm commitment to yourself to be actively engaged in your business at all times. It is all too easy when you are your own boss to procrastinate and even just bypass opportunities to learn new techniques or try some new strategy. You must keep making consistent effort to advertise and market your website aggressively as much as is humanly possible.

Turn off the TV if that distracts you – turn on your answering machine if you keep getting interrupted every time you start to work. Close your door and let it be known to your family and friends that you may be at home but you are working at certain hours and you would appreciate it if they would not disturb you.

You have to create your own structure for your home business, such as hours and tasks that need to be done. Be sure to factor in time for breaks just as you would with a j-o-b. If your problem is working too much, be sure you take time to rest your eyes, body and brain because you will be much more efficient if you are ‘fresh’ or collapse from exhaustion.

Determination: to proceed no matter what obstacles, real or imagined that you may perceive. Figure out a way to go around it if you can’t resolve the problem right now. Make a note and go back to it – don’t use it as an excuse to ‘wait’. “There is no can’t” – Whether you feel you have done so much and nothing seems to have worked for you, don’t give up. You must be determined to succeed so that you don’t get discouraged and stop trying. Marketing has always been about building and sustaining momentum over time. This means keeping the volume of your advertising at high volume at all times.

The majority of people who see your ads will not be interested or at least will not take action at this time. This is normal and happens to every business. You have to weed through these people to find the few that will respond. It is a bit like ‘finding a needle in a haystack’, but they are really there and they are interested and ready to take action. Proof of this is that you are one of them! (and actually thousands of people are making money right now and for a long time with Internet marketing businesses).

Doing: You will be barraged by information from all sides – offers, opportunities, technical requirements, strange terminology, etc. You can never have too much information, and in order to succeed you must keep abreast of the latest strategies and techniques in your industry. However don’t get ‘paralysis by analysis’ – that is get hung up on the information. If there is something you don’t understand, then look it up on a search engine, make some notes to refer to later and move on. Receive it, process it, file it, immediately take action, and keep moving forward; (“wash, rinse, and repeat”).

Don’t use the excuse that you don’t know enough to actually do anything yet – start using what you learn as soon as you can. You don’t have to be perfect or an expert – you just need to have the basic information and then to use it. You only need average computer skills – if you can send an email or post to a blog, then you can do a lot to promote your business right now. You will improve as time goes on just like with anything else – the more you learn, and the more you do, the more proficient you will become.

So, “Just Do It”.

The Financial Benefits of a Home Business

There are many benefits to starting a home business online. Aside from the potential for earning extra income or even replacing your salary eventually, you will really make your home earn its own keep!

earn money at home online

For tax purposes, while it does matter whether you have any other source of income, you can reap the benefits either way when you itemize your tax deductions. The Federal laws apply to us all, but each state may also have various rules that apply, so be sure to read about the tax laws each year to ensure you are within the law and following directions. It is very important to keep all of your receipts throughout the year if you are going to claim any of your expenses as deductions.

The differences for example are that if you have other income the law is strict about having an actual office in your home. You need a door on the room and the room cannot be used for any other purpose. If your home business is your only source of income, then they are more relaxed as the potential for abuse is not so great. You still need the space to be used only for your business, but you don’t need a door.

It may also affect the percentage that you can deduct for maintaining the home where you have the business. For example you may be able to deduct a percentage based on the square feet used for the business for your rent and utilities, insurance, etc. Of course any money you spend for equipment, supplies and advertising are all deductible as self-employed business expenses. If you do not have medical insurance from a job then you can deduct a percentage of some of your costs for insurance, co-payments, glasses, dental, etc as a self-employed individual. If you have staff or consultants who help you to do anything for your business, this is also deductible.

You will start to save money right off the bat if you are working from home as your only source of income. Just add up what you spend now for transportation to and from your workplace, the gas, bridge, parking, etc., and the wear and tear on your car. Factor in what you spend on going out to lunch, being well-groomed (clothes, dry cleaning, shoes, barber or beauty salon). Right there you are saving money that can be used to invest in building your business.

Of course if you are really serious about starting your own business, then it will be easy for you to sacrifice some things if necessary, to make it happen. Namely you can ask yourself if you would rather go out to eat dinner, buy a movie or a new dress or use the money to create a new income source, your own business.

Working online, everything you need to do to promote a business is far faster and less expensive than doing it in the ‘real’ world. For example if you were opening an office or a store your expenses would be very high and that is why the average time for a business to realize a profit is 5-years. You are paying two rents – one at home and one at the store or office. You have insurance x 2, you have utilities x 2, inventory, decor, equipment, and possibly staff.

As well, doing advertising physically – signage, flyers, brochures, mailers, classified advertising, etc. is very expensive. The Internet allows you to create and use all of these faculties at very low cost. There is no postage, there is no paper or printing costs. Online you can also spend money but it is not always necessary – for example you can pay copywriters or designers to create web pages for you; but at the same time you have options to use low-cost software that will do the job, and even to learn how to do things for yourself for free, although this is likely to cost you a lot of time for the learning curve.

Take Control of Your Own Life – Start a Business Online

There is nothing more depressing than being in a rut and it gets worse if you are not happy with your rut. If the only thing good you can say about your career is that it beats unemployment, it’s pretty sad. While it is all too true that it beats not having an income, there really is something you can do to help yourself; but first let’s explore all the reasons that you may not be exactly happy with your current situation.

Dissatisfaction with one’s job rarely has to do with the fact you don’t like what you are doing. All too often while we might love what we do, there are other factors at play that ‘darken our doorway’. You might have to put up with a surly manager or boss, and you feel like you are at his or her mercy; you have to take his abusive behavior, since you don’t have any other sure bets that represent making ‘a living’. There are laws of course that are meant to protect us but some people know how to push the envelope just enough to make you miserable, yet not enough to warrant legal action.

Or it may just be a co-worker that constantly insults you or does other things that you do not approve of, but you don’t want to be seen as a ‘trouble maker’ or a ‘tattle tale’ so you just grin and bear it. Or it may be just a rough commute and you are sick and tired of the stress that getting up on time, getting out the door on time, and stuck in traffic powerless; while you sit and wait while you get closer to being late every minute. All these things can add up over time, day in and day out.

The worst one however is being under-employed and/or under-valued. You know you could do more. You know that if you had the authority to do things your way that it would probably work much better. Nobody really understands, do they? Again, you don’t want to make any waves so you just tolerate everything and ‘make the best of it’. Wise, but pretty sad when you think of how much time in your day is spent on the job. It is really the ‘greater part of your life’ that you spend working. Some may feel it is not that important to be happy or to expect everything to be perfect – and again, it beats unemployment.

What about the fact that your kids are growing up at day care and that strangers are seeing all their ‘firsts’ instead of you, who hear about it second-hand. It may seem like it is necessary, but it really isn’t. You might feel it is just easier that way but it isn’t, not really. There are really alternatives for you for all of the above. You can start a business online in your spare time. You can build something your way, using your best skills and do it at your own pace. At the end of the day you can determine how much money you make just by how much effort you are willing to invest. You really can have it all but the first step is realizing you can do better than you are doing and that you can control when you work, how much you work, and how much money you can make.

Maybe the first year or so it would be most wise to keep the miserable day job, because starting any business takes time to develop beyond the initial learning curve. It is probably not some fantasy where you will be driving a $100k car after a few months, but who knows what will happen if you are realistic and you are really determined to take control of your own destiny?

Staying Motivated to Achieve Your Money-Making Goals

There is definitely an art to achieving your goals. Part of that is staying motivated. With a job and a boss, keeping your job would be enough motivation for you to do what you are required to get your paycheck. There is also structure where you have defined duties to perform in a certain time period.

stay motivated!

When you are your own boss working from home to build your own online business, you have to have discipline and make a commitment to yourself. It is all too easy to tell yourself you will do it tomorrow or next week; so in setting your goals it will help you if you give yourself deadlines (and try not to make excuses for why you did not achieve what you set out to do). At the same time don’t give up if you don’t make it – just set another deadline and try harder to meet it.

In creating a plan for yourself for example, don’t say ‘publish an ad’ – but say ‘publish an ad by Wednesday’ and then make a list of everything you need to do to put that together – researching your keywords, composing your text, signing up for the ad service, to actually placing the ad; outline every step of the way and really be determined not only to write a great ad, but to doing it by the deadline you have set for yourself. Don’t let anything get in your way – particularly not doubt.

It really helps to define the reasons why you might have doubt and to tear down any obstacles you create for yourself or that may actually exist. There is really nothing that you can’t overcome if you believe in yourself and strongly desire to achieve your goals. Why do you hesitate to sit down and write the ad? Do you think you do not have the writing skills?

Read through some ads and define what is good or bad about the way something is represented. How would you write it better? While you never want to ‘copy’ someone else’s composition, you definitely can use them as a blueprint or guideline when you find some writing that you feel is compelling and well-written. Re-engineer this – in other words rewrite it in your own words, saying basically the same thing in another way.

Do you not really believe in what you are selling? This is very common especially when you honestly can’t say you have done something YET or know something for sure through your own experience. Of course you don’t want to admit that but at the same time you do need to be honest. In this case you can quote what others have said or done as proof that the product or service does work. You can quote the specifications or features of something just by reading other ads or websites that sell the same thing or something very similar.

Finally, it may really help you to spend some time each day or whenever you are working on your business to read something motivational, listen to an audio or watch a video to get yourself ‘psyched up’ – There are a number of these types of things that will give you little sayings to repeat back to yourself each day – and specifically when you are feeling doubtful or skeptical about what you are doing or who you are. An example of a famous/classic one, you can usually find online for free is the eBook ‘As a Man Thinketh’ (“as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”) (James Allen) is one very good one. Just read a few paragraphs or pages at a time and you will start to feel positive! Then you will BE positive and have positive experiences and results!

Starting a New Business – Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

Did you ever hear the saying ‘there is nothing to fear except fear itself’? Think about that for a minute – it seems to say fear creates itself and really has no basis – there is nothing to actually fear.


The same thing could be said about thoughts of doubt or skepticism. For whatever reason, there is a lot of low self-esteem going around. It can be the result of having harsh criticism from others, or of never being able to please our ‘authority figures’. They mean well, supposedly, and just want you to do your best.

However it appears your best is never good enough for them because they wrongly think that by telling you to always ‘aim higher’, or pitting you against someone who is more proficient to compete with them, that this will somehow compel you to be their champion! An “A” is not even good enough – ‘see if you can’t try harder and get an “A+” next time’; ‘See how well Molly does that? Maybe she could give you some pointers’; ‘Don’t you want to be like Jack? Look at those trophies he has!’

The problem is two-fold – everybody is different, with different talents and gifts – and we don’t all have the same interests. They say you do best what you like to do – so if whatever you are doing is ‘not your cup of tea’ you will likely not do as well as someone who breathes, eats and sleeps whatever it is. That doesn’t mean you are less of a person or in some way inferior at all – it just means you are different.

Whether it is sub-conscious or conscious, you hear all that negative self-talk. You just need to ‘deprogram’ yourself from believing negative things about yourself. Make an effort to think of something you do well and that you enjoy, whenever you hear ‘you can’t do this’ or ‘you could have done that better’, or ‘so and so does it better than you do’.

… and even if you can’t think of something you are proud of and that makes you feel good about yourself, then think about something pleasant that you enjoy – a memorable day you had at the beach – or even the beach itself – what you love about it – the smell, the sound, the colors, the warm sun. Just immerse yourself in it and replace the negative thoughts with something that makes you feel happy.

This is particularly relevant to starting a new business because most of the people you know that are not involved, will try to discourage you – again for whatever reason, they will try to make you skeptical – ‘are you kidding’? ‘That sounds like a rip off’; ‘Oh, it sounds like a scam’; ‘good luck buddy, I would never buy anything online’; ‘I know somebody that lost it all on a game like that’; ‘You probably don’t have the experience to do that’; ‘People are far ahead of you and you will never catch up’.

To reinforce this negativity, you likely will not see any tangible results at first – starting a business is not like starting a new job, where even though you don’t know what you are doing or where you are going they still pay you while you are learning. When you are brave enough and creative enough to try to start something of your own, you are not paid and you are spending long hours learning and trying new things; and frankly many of the things you try will not work – at first or even at all. This just means find another way, it doesn’t mean ‘I told you, you couldn’t do this’.

You have to be able to tell yourself ‘it is ok’- ‘I will learn’, ‘I will catch up’, ‘I will do it right’ – and you will have the faith in yourself to keep plugging away until you can see the results of your actions. It may not be today or tomorrow but if you are consistent and really determined, there is nothing that can stop you. Good job!

If You Really Want An Online Business Just Do It!

Have you been sitting on the fence, forever ‘thinking about’ someday, somehow you will start your own business online? Unfortunately it will never happen unless you just do it. Don’t over-think it or find reasons that you can’t do it right now, or would fail anyway. Don’t wait until you can afford it or for just the ‘right time’, because you could go on waiting forever without actually even trying it.

Just DO it!

Even if you have taken the first mini-step and have started to research this, don’t get ‘paralysis by analysis’. It just does not have to be that complicated – ever. If you have basic computer skills, a PC and an Internet connection, you can literally start taking action this very day! Don’t worry that this is not exactly what you had in mind, just try something and test the waters. You can refine your choices later on when you have your bearings.

One way to experiment is to join a couple free Internet marketing programs to get in behind the scenes. If you don’t like what you see, cancel it within 30-days or during whatever trial period they may offer. If it is something you think you could do at least to learn the ropes, and they require an inexpensive upgrade to stay in, then go ahead and pay for it. Again, it doesn’t have to be your dream business – just look at it as a learning experience.

It is likely that the program will have instructions and resources that you can use as a member. Read all about it – what are they talking about? Learn everything you can. When you see terminology that you don’t quite understand, just go to a search engine like Google.com. Enter the phrase there and see what you can learn. However, again – don’t get hung up on learning. Just get as much information as you need to take action. Then see what happens.

As time goes by if you stick with it, and maybe even join a few more programs, you will keep learning more and more. For example join programs that offer various tools to help you advertise your online business. Learn how they work and try them out. Most are very easy to use if you can just follow basic instructions.

Don’t worry about becoming a millionaire over night at this stage! Don’t get in a rush – if you have to pay a measly $10 here or there – look at it as the cost to learn something new. Sure it is a gamble, but so is waking up every day. We do not know what will happen or how things will go – in our favor or not. We do not let this keep us from putting our best foot forward!

Be sure to save all receipts because if you actually pursue this, everything is a business tax deduction when you itemize your taxes. Be sure you can document everything that you claim. You can do this even if you do not make a profit. Check the federal and state tax websites for the current laws and regulations every year to be sure, but usually you can claim expenses for a few years without making a profit. Beyond that however, they will deem it a ‘hobby’ not a ‘business’ and you will not be able to claim those deductions.

To minimize the stress you may be feeling about whether or not you will be able to create a successful home business, you could even look at this as a hobby right now. Still, keep the receipts where you can find them, in case you see that this is really feasible and you could start earning extra money from home, and itemizing deductions! Even if you work at a full-time job and pay income taxes there, you can still file to claim deductions for a home business (and of course report any extra income you may receive).

How to Turn Your Hobby or Vocation Into a Profitable Business Online

Did you ever hear that people do best what they like to do the most? It is really true, and it probably has to do with doing something that makes you happy, as well as the gratification from doing something well. Certainly in creating and developing an online home business this is your chance to have it all!


Working from home online in itself will tend to make you happy, particularly if you have had a long and not so satisfying career working at ‘jobs’. There is something to be said for doing something because you want to rather than that you have to, that surely contributes to the overall feeling of well-being.

When starting out to plan your business, you may not really even know what it is you could do to earn money online. We will explore some possibilities at least so that you can have a few examples and you can ‘shrink to fit’ or whatever to make it work for you. A few different hobbies could be developed into good businesses.

For example say you like to play golf – You could start a blog just discussing golf – tournaments, scores of the latest matches, biographical information about the golf pros. As a service and as a way to attract traffic to your blog, you could even post schedules of local, state and/or national matches and tournaments. Are you saying, swell, fun – but how would that make any money?

To monetize the site you could look into becoming a distributor of golf equipment and supplies – golf clubs, bags, shoes, hats, accessories, etc. You wouldn’t have to buy the inventory if you found wholesalers who would more than likely be willing to drop-ship for you – so you name your price, factoring in your profit of course, and create an online order form – or use a trusted, secure payment option like a free account with Paypal.com where they also have the payment buttons and graphics you can use.

Actually for this scenario an even simpler way would be to become a free Amazon.com affiliate and then you could advertise their golf equipment etc. and they would pay your commissions – Again Amazon is trusted and secure so it is not like just anybody saying send me the money and I promise to send you the clubs, or etc. You could apply this idea to any sport – baseball, tennis, soccer, fishing, etc.

Not into sports? How about crafts? Like baking? If you have a recipe that people rave about for example for brownies or chocolate chip cookies or candy, you could start making them as you get orders. This is a little more involved because you have to consider packing and shipping it and having it ideally arrive in one piece! You could create gift baskets for holiday gifts that include for example a batch of your cookies, a nice festive coffee mug and a bag of gourmet coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Then you just create a blog website and take pictures of your baked goods and the baskets all done up, include a ‘buy now’ button and order form.

There are various ways to promote/advertise your site online so that when people search for ‘gifts’ or ‘home made baked goods’ they will find your link. Again, a blog lends itself to this scenario really well – you could publish various recipes (except you probably don’t want to publish the ones you will use for your service) – you could have interesting discussions about challenges to baking and some remedies, etc., and tips on entertaining for the holidays, etc. There are loads of things people would love that you could probably make – jams and jellies, breads, cakes, and maybe you could expand into these areas slowly after you see how it goes with the original idea.

Again – if you don’t like to bake or cook, you could apply these same principles to anything – stained glass gifts, candle making, soap making – and sell baskets with little sets of things. Whatever you decide, make it fun, make it profitable and most of all share your blessings (talents) with others! An extra perk for them is they can shop online from the comfort of home – no traffic jams, parking problems or mob scenes at the mall and/or post office! Enjoy!