Time Does Seem to Fly – Use It Wisely

Take care of your time – Use it to earn some extra money.

You may think you are young and you may be – you may have plenty of time before you even think you need to be concerned about awful words like retirement or pension. However you would be very surprised because many things can happen in your life that may derail your perfect plans. You should start as early as possible to be concerned about these issues due to that fact. Never have a cavalier attitude about anything as you may regret it.

don't waste time or money

For a sickening example, let’s consider the last recession. We are talking about people who started working in their 20’s and started accruing pension and various retirement investments. They may have also acquired real estate as part of this portfolio. They had a good plan and they were faithful to themselves in contributing to a good result. Set for life, right?

It doesn’t hurt to note here that these people are in the minority. Most people are not nearly as prepared for one reason or another so it may be even worse for them. It just may add a little drama to the already very sad tale. So by the 2008 recession these folks are getting to be around their 60s or close to it and nearing what would have been projected as ‘retirement’ age in a less cruel world.

We won’t accuse anyone or delve into the various causes of the recession – let it just suffice to say it wasn’t caused by the people in our story. They are the victims. Somehow suddenly about half their retirement savings are gone,if not entirely. So now rather than planning on their retirement and looking forward to some sort of ‘reward’ for working all their lives, they are looking for part-time work for seniors.

At this point in their lives it is rather late to start over and/or to ever dream of any sort of meaningful recovery. It’s criminal and it is just so very tragic. The worst part is there is no retribution except in the most extreme cases of outright fraud. The point here is that you should start young to save money. Don’t put it all in your employment benefits accounts, although it would be good to also contribute to those since they usually match by double. Keep an account separate from everything else.

If you have any spare time try to earn extra money; (and you know all that web surfing and social networking is fun and all but really does nothing for our bottom line) – unless we can somehow work it into helping us to promote an online business. Since it is spare time and spare change at this point we should just forget about any income from it. Just let it accrue and keep generating by being engaged as much as possible to make it work on the side. You will be surprised ‘at the end of the day’ where you have this nice little chunk of money to help you get by.

There Is so Much Good On the Internet

Internet is a jungle. Use the positive and build an honest online business.

Really when you stop and take stock of the vast sea of information that is available to everyone online, you will find there is a huge amount of good there. Yes, like anything and anywhere else there are also evil and weirdos. It is really up to those who believe in the good that we make it stronger and more prevalent than the bad. We should be Warriors for the Good!

Be Aware

In fact sometimes even the bad can be used for good for example with social media and being able to expose our enemies and their nefarious activities. Ban them? No because ever hear the saying it is best to ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer?’ Someday all the filth will be gone but it may be a long time from now so we have to learn to exist without becoming a victim in any way – whether by fraud or worse.

The Internet is already building quite a negative reputation with and without good reason –without good reason particularly with those who don’t know any better – it is always the blind that judge — always the ignorant. However some professional people who work on the Internet for years and truly love the online world, will not display images, etc. or any personal information to social networks. It may seem over the top, and in fact it would be better for careers and social life if this were not the case. However safety should always be the first concern. Don’t be naïve and a blind follower because it is a fad. Dumb.Dumb and Dumb.

The more you watch programs like Investigation Discovery and their ‘Web of Lies’, time and again you will see true stories about people who are in denial about the danger, and get ripped off all the way to their very lives. So it seems like where there is smoke there is fire. The silliest thing in the world is to let people know where you live, where your relatives are and then be a real imbecile announcing to Aunt Minnie that you are ‘going to Walmart now’ – so stalkers know your house is empty and they know they can hijack you, your car, your kids or even Aunt Minnie. Make up a name and location? The stalkers do it, why not potential victims to protect themselves?

But anyway that is a matter of opinion and degree. You can be careful without being obsessive about it. However, the worse risk I see are those poor folks young and old that are desperate for attention. They are the most vulnerable and the most likely to make a fatal mistake. Even with money if you get desperate you are more likely to make a bad decision. Think before you act. Seriously think for a while before you take any action and think about it with an open mind – both positive and negative perspectives. Keep it real.

This is where it comes in that we should build solid, honest, legitimate businesses online to counter-balance all the scams. Do your part and build something you can be proud of and maybe even hand down to your kids. You never know how much money you can make honestly. It can only help you if you help build up the reputation of the Internet and the businesses conducted there. Get started now to show people how to accomplish their dreams and avoid their nightmares.


Take a Chance – Realize You are the Determining Factor

Starting an online business from home is a chance.

Everything is a chance. Walking out the door in the morning is taking a chance. Nobody knows how anything will turn out. Here we are referring to taking a chance on for example starting an online business from home. It’s a chance. You may make a bunch of money and have a ball, or you may hate it and fail miserably.

Take a chance! Pass Go!

The thing to remember is that there is no magic about anything. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen. In other words if you take a chance and start a business, then it depends on how much effort and interest you invest in that business as to whether or not it will succeed. There are of course other factors that we don’t control that determine if a business succeeds at any given time.

The point is that you can override whatever other conditions may prevail at any given time. Even if that means postpone, wait a little while and try again. Really the real winning way is to keep trying and keep forging ahead. Even if it is not a good time you will still contribute to your positive momentum if you just keep moving forward.

There are always going to be obstacles – it is just a part of life and business is no exception. You should look at these like a challenge to be overcome. Since we are not Superman, it may not always be possible to conquer every obstacle on the spot. However you can find a way around it and go back to it later. No telling what may change in your favor that will produce a different outcome.

It is actually a really bad idea to let obstacles cause you to stop trying or give up. Then you let them win. If you want to be the winner, then again you learn how to go around things, or create ‘workarounds’ or just simply postpone briefly. There are usually more than one way to do something and if you stop and think about things when you encounter an obstacle, you may come up with something very creative and which is an even better idea than the one that has the issue.

It is very common for human nature to always blame somebody else or something else when they fail. The truth is there is no fault, there are only conditions or situations. To the degree that we can control things, if we fail it is usually because we gave up or didn’t try in the first place. So if you join a company or program and you fall flat – ask yourself how it is others are doing fine with the very same program. Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start over to try again.

Sometimes You Just Have to Do It!

Creating an online business can improve your experience of life.

Thinking about doing something gets the ball rolling eventually, and sometimes self-talk and visualization can help you get started and/or keep going. However there may be times that you just have to do something, anything – just to improve your self-esteem and get your blood rolling. If it is something you can actually see that you have accomplished it can really help you to progress in your life to accomplish something meaningful.

chocolate masterpiece by UEven something that has nothing to do with what you actually want to do in the end – your idea or vision if you already have one, can help you build yourself up. You may laugh but just anything that you can do well in your own eyes. It can be something as simple as making the bed, mowing the lawn, baking a cake. It also helps if what you can do can be appreciated by others who may even express it to you! (You can be worshiped for chocolate cake).

The whole idea is to convince yourself that you can accomplish things and are a productive person. Many times when we are feeling badly about things it is because we don’t have enough of this in our lives. We just live on a hamster wheel and go through the motions of what we have to do to stay afloat; and we forget there are other things we enjoy doing. “Stop and smell the roses”?

Believe it or not there are actually retired professionals (and really successful where they were able to retire in their 50s) that do things like build Leggo cities or huge jigsaw puzzles. Child’s play! They find it relaxing and enjoyable and they can’t wait to get up in the morning so they can get back to their projects! They always seem to be finding something new to start. Doesn’t this sound happier than staring at the TV?

So even something completely useless otherwise can be what makes you happy and gets you going back on the track where you might actually one day have it in you to start a part-time online business from home! Nothing better than a hobby that can generate income! In fact if you can’t particularly relate to computers or the Internet as a business, you could create a business directly from your hobby – like making ceramic gifts, jewelry, soaps and candles, or food gifts.

Whatever you do it would be foolish not to use the Internet to promote it. It is a thousand times more inexpensive and easier to reach hundreds of people with one effort. The Internet can also serve you in a million ways whatever business you start, for example for research purposes, and even collecting the money for your sales.

The Freedom Lifestyle – Running with Snowshoes

As a part of The Freedom Lifestyle you have to try to run with Snowshoes.

Snowhoes is a fantastic invention, and researhers believe they came along 4000 to 6000 years ago.  Unlike skiis you have full control and full freedom of movement with the snowshoes. You can basically walk anywhere you like with great ease and experience the feeling of freedom.

Last winter I got a video shoot of myself running with snowshoes, which of course is an exercise for advanced users. Enjoy!