Keeping to the Straight and Narrow

Passive Income – But You Have To Be Active and Having a Work Schedule

Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it? However, when it comes to business it is the way to go for success. Of course having a home business is not as rigid as a 9 to 5 job. You will be surprised how much having your own time schedule not only gives you so much more time to do things, but allows you to have a different mindset where you may actually enjoy working!

sraight path

The point of the straight and narrow theory, however is not to ignore your business because you can. You still need to be engaged in your business and stay on top of things. For example at the very least you should check to see your website is up and running normally; and if not find out what is wrong and have it fixed as soon as possible. Usually you would just need to contact your hosting company and they would know what to do.

While it is true income is regarded as ‘passive’ in many online businesses, it doesn’t mean YOU can be passive. You actually need to be a little aggressive at times! Marketing and advertising are such that you can never rest on your laurels. You have to as often as possible be implementing new ads to attract new business.

You will find Internet advertising is very intelligent when compared to offline, because much of what you do is permanent. An example of this would be your blog posts where you discuss your business and/or display your banners and text ads. It’s always running for you and may at any time attract a sale or at the least a lead capture if you have those mechanisms include on your site. (compare to those flyers that get trashed or ads that just expire with no response).

There are other things that you can do that are less passive, and you definitely should anytime you have a few dollars to invest in your business. There are list builders that will help you acquire prospective customers, and there are solo ads that you can send to your list, whether prospects or existing customers. These are some of the more powerful techniques.

There are also those of lesser success but yet still can generate a sale, and they are free if you are willing to work it. Here referring to traffic exchanges and other ‘clicking’ schemes. The work is easy although tedious after a while – but if you absolutely do not have a dime to spend, they can work if you are aggressive and consistent enough.

Don’t Ever Let Yourself Feel Desperate

Feeling Desperate Will Only Lead To More Trouble

Seriously, whatever the original problem is, it is just going to be made much worse if you allow yourself to feel desperate. People get into all kinds of horrible situations because they feel desperate. You are not thinking straight or being at all logical when you are feeling desperate. So of course your emotions will always get you in trouble without being just a bit logical enough at least to have some common sense.

Stay happy

There is a good quote by a veteran homicide cop on television and he says something to the effect that what makes human beings so dangerous is their emotions. That is one end of the spectrum on what leads to senseless violence 100 times a day. People do not think even to the extent that they may consider if it would be worth it to go to prison for life just to prove some stupid point. Because their emotions are at work rather than their brain, not to even mention having a conscience which most criminuts don’t have.

Then the other end of the spectrum, all the way to romantic emotions. If you are desperate for someone to love, then you appear needy and that is not at all attractive to anyone normal. There is nothing wrong with being honest that you would like to be in a meaningful relationship; but if you act like you are going to die if you don’t find someone – anyone – it’s not much of a compliment. You have to be very careful what you ask for in this kind of situation.

‘By the same token if you are able to fool someone into having a relationship with you and you try to control every moment of someone’s life because of your needy insecurities, you are nothing but a loser. You are going to do nothing but drive that person away. Did you know many stalkers have this control problem? When they can’t control or they are rejected they can’t stand it and they sometimes become extremely dangerous, even murderous.

You are not born a loser and no matter what unfortunate situations your life may have had, there is never an excuse to be a loser. There is never a reason to feel so desperate that you lose your common sense. So from whatever perspective you want to look at desperation it just doesn’t need to be a part of anyone’s life for any reason.

Always stay proud of your accomplishments no matter how small you believe them to be. It is an important enough issue that even if you have to be proud of something really insignificant like you didn’t burn the toast, then just do it. Conjure up something to make you feel good about yourself and so you will realize there is always a chance that things will improve. “God didn’t make no junk”.

Do You Just Feel Average?

With Affiliate Marketing You Can Start a Home Business in No Time

It may be that you have never considered yourself particularly creative or talented. You got through school and got a job and you should be thankful for both. The point though is that feeling of just being average may be what you feel precludes you from seeing yourself as a future ‘entrepreneur’ or someone who can start their own business.

Nurture You Ideas

You know what? It is not true and it doesn’t take years of education to come up with something, either. Actually just with the free information and opportunities available to anyone on the Internet, if you apply yourself at all you can have an online business up and running in no time.

It may sound unbelievable unless you understand businesses are there looking for people to join them. It is not exactly the same as looking for a job at all. It is joining a company and being able to use the resources available for training, services and actually making money. While there is no actual salary, you earn money by your efforts to promote the product or service.

These companies are referred to as affiliate programs or affiliate marketing programs. Many you can join for free and then if you like it you can upgrade for a small fee that will allow you to make more money when you make a sale. The point though is not so much the money right off the bat, the point is what you can learn to help you eventually start your own business.

In the meantime affiliate programs are very low-cost and have no contracts beyond month-to-month. What you will learn will be worth every penny you spend on membership fees, not to mention your ability to earn money from their intellectual property (their product or service).

There are also other types of opportunities that are regarded as ‘independent distributors’ where you might sell various established products, for example for health and beauty. Internet marketing doesn’t usually involve too much chasing down your relatives and friends to buy something. It is more about promoting your advertisements online and being able to reach millions of people all over the world with little effort.

There are various arrangements with this type of business. Ideally you do not want a program where you ever have to purchase an inventory or are required to make a purchase every month. Lord knows how many garages are crammed with these things that just don’t seem to ever sell to the degree you could even use your inventory. Even if you are wise enough to sell something you use yourself, it is not likely you will ever use enough fast enough to where your garage is not overflowing.

So just get online and go to a search engine. Search for ‘home business’, ‘work at home’, ‘online business’ and/or ‘make money from home’ and become everything you wished you could be! It may take a few companies and a few tries before you find a niche that you build on and develop to your satisfaction. Just don’t give up!

Anybody Can Become an Entrepreneur

It really just takes a little inspiration and motivation. It’s a pretty big word and it is more or less just recently being used much so it is still ‘scary’ to people. Many regular people would not think of themselves in this category. Even with college they probably just feel their lot is 9 to 5 and hopefully that is the yellow-brick road up the corporate ladder someday.

just do it!

However again, anybody, college or not could become an entrepreneur just doing something on their own. Although maybe somewhat limited in perspective, as we can’t know everybody, it seems you hear more wealthy entrepreneurs either dropped out of college or never even went.

This is probably not something you want to advertise to your kids, because on ‘average’ people that graduate from college generally have much more opportunity to make the most money. This is proven statistically and then you have to consider how many millionaire entrepreneurs there really are. There are actually quite a few, but per ratio, not that many when you count the entire working population.

So there may be some other elements to be considered when we say all you need is a little inspiration and motivation. That inspiration probably includes a large measure of creativity. This might begin with ideas, but would need to be carried forward by actually taking action to manifest them.

Motivation may cover the part where we are able to actually stand up and do it rather than dreaming and imagining it. Motivation would also include that drive that comes from wanting things. This could include wanting money, wanting material possessions, wanting prestige, wanting to accomplish something, or wanting to be original.

As they say ‘whatever floats your boat’. If you have any inclination whatsoever to become an entrepreneur, take some action now which will be to your benefit win or lose. It can be something as small as joining an affiliate marketing program and using that inroad to start your own online home business. Get a feel for running things and doing things your way.

From this point you can see what happens and/or if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur. The affiliate program is a real ‘earn while you learn’ opportunity. You will not only learn how to promote a business online, but many other aspects of running your own business. You may make some money along the way.

Your focus can be on that money or on what you are learning and what you are becoming. You can really focus on all of it!

Start Out With an Efficient Home Business

The main point here is that you make an attempt to find multiple purposes for the companies that you affiliate yourself with. For example, if you join an affiliate program that you can earn money from both through referrals as well as product sales. So right there you have a sense of ‘multiple streams of income’ even within the same business.

efficient business

Then what really puts the ‘cherry on the dessert’ is if that company also has resources that you can use to promote it as well as your other opportunities. A company really should provide some free services to help in this regard, but the reference here would be the company’s product being able to be purchased and/or used independently for other purposes.

For example if they sold advertising services or autoresponders. While you should have access to some resources that are free or inexpensive that come with the membership, and are for the purpose of promoting that program, it would be great to have the opportunity to also purchase services for your other businesses directly – a one-stop-shop.

It is not just a matter of efficiency or convenience but actually will help you to articulate what it is about the product that you like so much you would use it yourself. Of course this also comes with real statistics that you can quote after a while.

When writing to promote the program in your blog or otherwise you would have the exact functions and procedures to review. You would eventually also have statistics such as how many sales it has brought in, how many responses otherwise, etc. You can also compare it to other similar products or services.

Being able to give a first-hand review on something you really know about seems to carry more weight than quoting others or even just recording the specs advertised on their sales page. With that said these are useful as well – it’s just a matter of degree. When you really know something first-hand you can be a bit more adamant and compelling to encourage others to follow you. It will come in time either way.

Home Biz Start-Up – Keep On Keeping On

It may have taken you a long time where you thought about ideas on how to make extra money. You may have really researched some ways that you may have been able to start a business from home, or get a part-time job to supplement your regular, main income. Of course there are many pros and cons to these issues and they may have kept you in your quandary where you were never really able to take action.


Hopefully this was all going on before it became critical and you were actually looking to replace a full-time income you lost, or are facing some extra, major financial challenges. Always best to be prepared for the unexpected and hope it never comes, rather than to be scrambling around in desperation if something does.

In any case, it is a good idea to have something growing that may represent a solution someday. If no disaster ever comes and hopefully it won’t, then you may find yourself with a nice little cache of cash that you can buy something you really want but could never feel you could afford! (Still save at least half!)

As with all things in life there are always a million possibilities or choices. Some we need to learn about by trial and error. Some we are able to benefit from advice from trusted advisors who have had either positive or negative experiences.

Note here that just because someone else had either positive or negative experience with a program or service that it doesn’t mean you will or won’t. There are too many variables that could make your experience diametrically opposite to theirs. So a combination of research methodology is definitely recommended. Times change and situations change. What was gold a year ago may be lead today as far as business.

In any case if at all possible you want to spend some time when you are researching businesses you could hope to succeed with. That is another reason it is a good idea to start before it is necessary. If you have to make decisions when in a rush or when desperate they are not as likely to be the right choices.

… but where do you start? Just log on to the Internet and go to a search engine – an easily navigated one like – and just start running queries like ‘home business’, ‘online business’, ‘earn extra money’, ‘part-time job’, etc. Then take some time to click all links they will return and just get some ideas about things. Take a few notes and be sure to note the links somewhere.

Eventually you may wish to try one or more programs you can associate yourself with to get a deeper understanding of how it works and really decide whether it is feasible for you. If not keep moving forward to find something that does appeal to you.

Home Business Entrepreneurs Keep On Trucking

It is wise to stick with your choices long enough to see how they work. After you research your potential affiliate programs and services for your business and actually join them then dig in. You need to give them a chance because there are many factors that determine speed of success, etc., that are not even related to the actual program.

This can be the economy/consumer confidence, world affairs, the seasons and even the weather that affect all sales businesses to one degree or another either off or online. So this is one reason you don’t want to ‘fly off the handle’ if you don’t see results right off. (Not to mention to consider how much action you are actually taking consistently to promote your business since this is the main factor).

Check Mate

With that said as you build your business you should also be on the lookout for new opportunities to add to your portfolio of income streams. Some may be better than others in the long run so you want to have a few things going on not only to compare results but to determine which programs are keepers and which ones don’t have enough substance.

Remember though you can even make money in the short-term on those that don’t have much substance strictly because they are the new ‘fad’ and you will have the benefit of earning some commissions just by virtue of everyone wanting to see what is going on with the new program (if it is being promoted sufficiently).

You may find at first when a program launches that they put all their resources into heavy advertising, marketing, and holding online meetings, etc. to get people acquainted and excited. Naturally not many small businesses can keep up the volume due to costs for a long period, so that is when you may kind of see a slow-down in response as a result. Hopefully you will move into a steady stream from there and you can sustain your business.

In any case the idea is to give things a fair chance for as long as you can. Look at your own stats and reviews (with a grain of salt) and see what the world is saying. On the other hand if after several months you see nothing in spite of your efforts, etc., then maybe it is time to drop it and look for a new opportunity to replace it. The point is change is always necessary and good one way or the other unless you have found a goldmine you can depend on.

How Being Organized is a Major Issue for Business

It is not just a new business where you have to take special care to plan and schedule your duties but it is an ongoing affair. However you will naturally begin to remember things on your own after a while. However it is still a good idea to have simple schedules and lists as things do come up that interfere with the usual flow.

Get a plan

Another thing that is pretty important is getting things done early if possible and out of the way. That way if something unexpected comes up you are not rushing around and trying to squeeze things into a small time period. It is only natural that in this situation things can be overlooked and that can range from being late all the way to completely forgetting something for an extended period.

Either way it can result in serious consequences that can involve paying fines, cancellations being reversed, and etc. It is just a real good feeling to know you are on top of things and have everything taken care of before you venture out in your day. No trying to remember if you did everything you needed to or worrying about the need to check it out as soon as you can.

Your lists and schedules don’t have to get cumbersome and become another task you need to worry about all the time. Maybe just one day a week take an hour and try to map out what is usual and what may be different for that week. Keep the list organized and neat and have a special place where you might keep notes or questions for issues that you need to address.

You can still run your business the sloppy way and just do whatever whenever if that is your style – there are different strokes for different folks but if you would at least try it the ‘right’ way you might find that you start enjoying your business more and actually accomplishing more!

New Home Business Let There be Light

Sometimes for many reasons in your life it is tough if not impossible for you to see the light. Just as with electricity the light is off until you switch it on. What is meant here by light however, is a positive attitude, faith and hope. Sometimes you have to switch it on. In particular, here the reference is to starting a home business.

Leave the light on!

No matter how you may interpret statements in marketing advertisements, there is almost never an instant, substantial ‘profit’. It has to be worked at to get there. It may be true you could luck out and get in on a launch where you are able to make some sales right off the bat (right on if so!) However the majority of everyday living is done in reality where people need to work at it to earn steady, sustainable income.

So it is very important in the reality of every day to never allow your light to go out. It is the very worst thing you can do other than outright quit trying altogether. You need to allow for your learning curve, taking action to implement what you have learned, and then most difficult giving it time to produce results.

You don’t need to get discouraged or feel like you are failing if you don’t see any results right off the bat or even for an extended period. What you need to do is keep up your hope and faith in yourself and the process. You must never sit and wait for anything (like the results) but must continue to take consistent action to keep building momentum. Don’t stop.

This fact speaks to the reality that few will actually respond. This is absolutely normal when you think of how few people in the world are actually interested AND serious about starting a home business online. They may wish and dream and read and read but never actually take action to do it. Obviously nothing happens until they do something. There are people who will respond and those are the ones you should focus on.

Success with your home business may happen eventually when you are really serious and do what you need to do consistently and aggressively over TIME. This is much more likely to happen for you if you remember to keep that light on. It is natural that some days we may feel better than others. Therefore you have to really keep on top of it and realize you need to get some light right now if you are feeling a little dim.

This could be resolved in many ways – change your atmosphere for a day – go out for a nice walk and get some fresh air and sunshine, listen to some good music, or go do something that will help to cheer you up! Shopping works!