Your Home Business – Work Smarter

It is a real good idea to become an affiliate of the programs that you use for advertising and marketing. No matter what your main business might be, it is always wise to add multiple streams of income. Selling the programs you are using is a natural. It is direct and not only financially but psychologically you will like the idea of paying for your own services straight from the commissions.Your Home Business – Work Smarter

work smarter not harder

If you devote some time and energy to promoting these services to your downline in your main programs, then it is doubly good as there is your ready-made market. It is all a neatly tied package that ends up with less money seemingly going out of your pocket to run your business. Further it is a natural to sell services or products to people who you know need them for their business. It is always good to make natural connections as things flow more gracefully.

Building relationships is important and helping people is a wonderful thing. If you can offer advice and information to your prospects and customers that will assist them in building their own businesses, it can be ‘clear sailing’ for you down the line. You can speak with confidence about the services as you have actually used them yourself, know how they work and recommend them. There is nothing forced or artificial about what you are saying.

Hopefully you can be the type of sponsor who guides and coaches your customers both before and after the primary sale; and again it is very natural for you to advise them on what you know will help them to achieve their goals. There is nothing that speaks louder than direct experience. However if you are also new to the business, it may take you a while to reach a place where you can actually say you have seen the results.

This is okay and there are always ways you can be perfectly honest about this if you use actual reviews and information from the site, quoting people, studies or research and actual statistics. You could actually say that you are using the product or service yourself and detail the reasons that compelled you to try it, without saying you know for sure it works from first-hand experience.

Again, if you are building a relationship of trust they will appreciate the advice of a friend, and may be willing to take a chance because you are and they respect you. In any case people always appreciate well-meaning advice and just the fact that you would take the time to try to help them along the way. Certainly they are more likely to follow your recommendations than a total stranger that sends them an offer out of nowhere.

A Successful Home Business: Are You Standing in Your Own Way?

There are a few conditions, which are largely psychological, that really keep people from realizing their full potential when it comes to actually getting their home business started. Obviously most things require more than a desire or a ‘vision’ to materialize. We have to make it happen.

One of these self-limiting conditions has been referred to as ‘paralysis by analysis’. This is where people get stuck in the learning curve. They just keep reading and searching and researching. They never feel that they know enough to actually take action with any of the information they have gleaned.

Paralysis by analysis is somewhat like stage fright, but then again it can also be an excuse to avoid doing the work; and even to feel insulated against potential failure. Of course we will never know if we will win or lose unless we try. If people have been beaten down by negative people in their family or working lives, then they are likely to feel a little insecure.

The way to ‘cure’ this condition is to take action – Whatever excuse your mind tells you that supposedly would preclude you from doing what you need to do – just blow it out of the water by just doing it. Then you will have the self-confidence to know that you can do it and in fact you did do it. Don’t worry about if it isn’t the best thing you have ever written or created. You will learn as you go along and gain experience.

Outside of something really scandalous there is no sign on your name that tells people you wrote a boring article or posted a bad looking advertisement in your secret past! If you don’t feel you have any experience you can truthfully write about, then find something written by someone who has, and review that or even quote them. Something along the lines that it ‘appears’ to you AND so-and-so is quoted as saying ‘blah-blah’; and so that really allows you to believe in your first impression.

Another condition that is somewhat related is the person that perceives a million problems. If they are actually real errors then they can be corrected. Follow the logical path – contact support, contact someone who would be willing to help you, find out what you need to do to get past the problem. Then move on. If you really can’t resolve the issue – still move on but make a note to revisit the issue at a later time. The point is don’t allow whatever it is stop you.|

Some of these problems people see may not even exist in reality, like, ‘well I just don’t have the money’; well, then learn a strategy that you can do for free or at less cost than that you feel you can’t afford. If you understand your own priorities, you could sacrifice something that is not essential in order to be able to do something you want or need to do for your business.

It is most likely you need to really want or need to start a business to consider it a top priority. What could you do without in order to have the money? Is it possibly a movie, trip, outfit, DVD, or dining out? Are they more important? Then go ahead and do that and forget starting a business. Hopefully you will prefer to focus all your energy and resources on your business.

Working From Home – Don’t Be an Online Workaholic

It is very easy when you are working from home to just keep working endlessly. However, if you don’t take breaks – periodically during your work time and for normal days off you may start to feel unhealthy and even burned out.

When you feel burned out, you will be less motivated to conduct your business as you may have started out to. You may start spinning your wheels – that is you are not really accomplishing anything for all the time you are spending.

You may be determined and dedicated to your business and these are good things, but you need to be realistic. You are ‘only human’. Humans need a balance in their life – work, rest, play. If you do any of those to the exclusion of the others you are creating an imbalance.

You may scoff at this until you start noticing problems with your eye site, or you are having stiffness and pain. You may begin to dislike what you are doing – who likes a rut, after all? It is no joke though and it is only a toss up as to which system will fail first – mental or physical.

So work hard to build your business but remember to take breaks. Every hour or so focus your eyes on something as far away as you can. Then close them for a few minutes. Get up out of your chair and stretch about the same time. Even go and walk around your building to really get a good stretch.

Make sure that you take a day completely away from your computer – ideally you can do something out of doors for some healthy fresh air and sunshine. Take a drive, or go to the gym for a good workout. Go somewhere and have lunch or visit with friends.

If you are in the middle of some big project and you really can’t be away for a whole day, then make sure you take frequent breaks. You may have to force yourself – but if you make it part of your day’s plan and do it regularly you will get used to it.

It has long been known about the health issues like eye strain and discomfort from sitting or doing repetitive movements with your hands. Now they are saying you can even develop Type II Diabetes from chronic overwork. How much more serious can you get than that?

There must be something about working from home that is so much more enjoyable than working in an office, that causes people to become workaholics from home! Really, though the biggest reason is just that you do not come and go in the same way as when you travel to and from a job. It’s just too easy to stay glued to your monitor!

Working at Home in Your Pajamas? Better Get Dressed

It used to be really ‘glamorized’ to have such a simple, easy lifestyle that you can just stay at home and work in your pajamas. In Internet marketing you saw many ads to that effect. However if you try it you will find it gets old real fast. Depressing even, especially if you had formerly enjoyed ‘dressing for success’ in your career.

It will make you feel more business-like and it is easier to focus when you are in a business frame of mind, when you get up and get dressed to begin your day. Unless you use a web cam it is true nobody will know the difference – but you will.

There are many things you can do to stay ‘psyched’ to get to work and focus on the tasks at hand. Taking a nice shower is stimulating and while you certainly don’t need a suit and tie to work from home, just some clean clothes will make you feel like you are ready to go!

The same thing can be said for your work area. No matter how repugnant organization may seem to you, it will help you to focus and think more clearly if your work space is clear, clean and organized as possible. At the very least get a box where you can push things off so that at least at eye level your immediate space, is conducive to ‘clear sailing’.

The most important things to keep organized are your login credentials and links so that you can always find them, (even if you save them online, you should have a paper trail in case you need to recover from a computer disaster); your tax records, including both your receipts for business deductions and your income or payment information.

Staying organized throughout the year will make it much simpler when it comes time to put your taxes together. This way it is less likely that you will miss anything that you will regret later, such as a deduction you could have taken; or income you missed reporting that may come back to haunt you if you are ever audited (a real possibility).

There are many things you can do to help yourself stay focused, such as making lists of what needs to be done and including any dependencies such as things that need to be done before you can do something else. It works best to have a few different lists, at least one for the short term and one for the long term goals. It is fairly important to keep your list neat and organized as you can so that it helps you rather than hinders you.

Working at home you can still ‘get away with’ working your own hours (as long as you do the work the needs to be done); putting your feet up on your desk, watching TV out of the corner of your eye, listening to music, taking naps, breaks, etc., so no need to wear PJ’s or bag lady outfits. Start styling at home!

Thinking About Starting a Home Business

One of the things that really comes in to play when you are just starting a home business is you need to create structure. Part of that process sometimes means you have to force yourself to focus on one thing at a time and especially to stop procrastinating if you are.

It is likely a new environment for you where you are only accountable to yourself. It is really easy to put things off, saying you will do it some other time and then to just not do it at all after you keep pushing it back. This is dangerous.

We have to start out with and maintain some organization and this requires discipline. Even if you have to pretend you have a deadline or a boss to be accountable to, just do it. Likely you are a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information and all the strange terminology and concepts if you have not worked online before and/or have no marketing, advertising or technical experience.

You don’t have to know everything there is to know on day one. You will learn more and more as you go along gaining experience and skills. Do what you can. It is important to take action. Maybe your first action should be creating some lists about what you have to do. It is best not to ‘bite off more than you can chew’ with regard to lists.

Just make a few – one for today – one for this week or month and one for long-term goals. The reason you don’t want them all on one is that they get really messy with things crossed out and checked off; and it just looks like more chaos. As well you may begin to beat yourself up when you don’t get everything done.

So if you make the ‘to do’ lists short and sweet with realistic expectations about how much you can really do today or this week, you will stay more organized and motivated. It should give you a feeling of accomplishment when you do complete a task.

Anything you can’t complete for whatever reason – not enough time, need to do some things on the periphery before you can actually do whatever it is, waiting for a paycheck, etc., put it on a new list. You may even want to get slightly complicated with a flowchart arrangement outlining something with multiple steps to complete.

Some people think working backwards is the way to think about this – in other words you have the target and you know what that (result) is, and then you need to back track to do everything from A through Z to get your target met. Some things can be done out of order, and others may have dependencies so that you can’t do C until you do A and B first.

As important as it is to get things done in an organized, structured manner, without procrastinating, it is also important not to beat yourself up. If you don’t make a deadline you have given yourself – just put it on a list for going forward. Try to feel good about what you did accomplish and always try to do better each time.

How to Focus on Your Online Business

Have you ever experienced the difference in your ability to focus on your tasks? For me it’s a great gap between my ability to get things done, and very often the environment and the surroundings have a major impact on my focus.

Lousy performance and distractive behavior frequently occurs when my surroundings are active and turbulent. Worst case is bringing my computer to a cafe trying to do that to my workplace. Very little productive work is done and the number of cups of coffee increases dramatically with the minutes spent in the cafe.

On the contrary I find that calm and harmonic environment makes a significant positive contribution to my productivity. So, when I want to get things in my online business done, start a new campaign or introduce some new marketing strategies, I search for a quite place where the only disturbance will my my own thoughts and the weather conditions outside the window.

The best place to go to find peace and workspace, is my cottage in the Norwegian mountains. Here the circumstances are ideal for me to focus and be productive. Here I can fuel my online business and power up myself with all the good vibrations provided by a generous nature.

What is your favorite workplace? Do you prefer a calm place like me, or are you maybe  most productive with some action in your surroundings?

Anyway, if you want to have a successful online business, work has to be done, and the very best is when you have the freedom to choose your optimal place.

Home Business Strategy – The Early Bird Gets the Worm

They say the best time to retain information is early in the morning. This may seem obvious to some because that is when you have the most energy. This is a good thing to keep in mind if it is possible for you to take care of your home business tasks first thing in the morning. Give it your all consistently and you likely will have a winner.

What advantage does the early bird have on the later birds? They are there first. Obviously resources are finite, not just where energy is concerned but also in competing for the top spot. It should be noted however that they say that it is not the first time someone sees an ad that they respond. It is closer to the 5th or 6th time that they may take action to get further information.

With such strategies as blogging to promote a home business, each time you post unique content, the search engine robots will crawl and re-index your site. Whenever they see you are engaged in your business, then they re-index, which moves your links up to a higher position in the search results. They do visit periodically and if they do not see anything unique they will just leave your site without doing anything to help you.

What happens here is like a stack of paper. Your site is in the index at a certain level and every site that posts after you will be ‘on top’ of your link in the stack. We are talking millions and millions of websites that may be posting fresh content every day. So that is why you want to post something so that your link will again go to the top of the pile. That is why daily posting is best – but if you can’t do that then at least weekly. Bare minimum to stay relevant at all is monthly. Better than nothing.

Search engine traffic in this regard is related to your keywords and the traffic is considered ‘targeted’ because they will send you free, organic traffic based on your site’s content (keywords). This is not regular, ‘random’ traffic that has a low ratio of conversion. Random traffic is just the equivalent of ‘window shoppers’ at best. So you really want to strive to get the right kind of traffic that will contribute to your bottom line (sales and capturing prospects that you can follow-up with via email).

The bottom line is not to treat your business like an after-thought – as in if you have nothing else to do. Even if you have only a few minutes to spare in your day, do something productive – post to your blog, submit an ad or a link somewhere, read something that will increase your knowledge in your field, post to a social network or forum, write an article. “Just Do It”.

Be Happy and Start Your Own Home Business

We spend a good percentage of our waking life working. That is one reason it is important that we feel some happiness and/or satisfaction in what we are doing. Sometimes you really have to talk yourself into it because the situation is not all you would hope it could be, but it is your life and you have to live with it.

be happy!

It is human nature to want more than we have or to feel we could do more. This may even be what motivates us to go ‘the extra mile’ to take control and change our situation for the better. Note that successful or not, just the fact that you are making an effort to take action above and beyond what is required, says something about your strength of character.

No matter what the situation, it is important to realize there is much to be thankful for. It may help to make a mental list of these things. If you have your health then you are blessed. If you have a loving family there is another blessing. Even very basic things that we take for granted definitely shouldn’t be. Not everyone has water, food or shelter and we are so fortunate if we do.

So just based on the fact that you can work – you have a way to support yourself, for better or worse, you should be able to consciously feel good about your life. If your job doesn’t make you feel happy and satisfied then you need to see how it could be a lot worse without it. So maybe that is the reason you can try to do more than just cope.

With that said, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from trying to exceed your current situation; so again, be happy while you make an effort to change your plight, by for example starting your own business part-time, and building it up with your long-range target goal being to support yourself entirely from your own endeavors.

You may not be crazy about some of the tasks you may need to do for your own business. In fact it may take you a while to realize you are working without pay while you are starting it up but it is more than OK! It is important to be able to convince yourself to be happy with it. Certainly have fun with your business if you can. Almost certainly you will find that the atmosphere of working from home is far and away more pleasant and creative than working at job day after day.

“That is the way to learn the most, that when you are doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes.” Albert Einstein

Are You Serious About Your Home Business?

You may kind of look at your home business as a ‘hobby’ because you already work a full-time job. However if you don’t want to waste your precious time there are some things that you can do to ‘train’ yourself to get and stay serious. The home office environment can be one that is more relaxed and comfortable than a regular job. However you are accountable to create a business atmosphere during the hours you are working.

home office

Maintaining a professional space starts with having a clearly delineated area that is only your office. Even if this means only a desk in the corner of another room, that space should be used exclusively for business. It should be organized and neat at at least two points in your work day – the start and end. The less time you spend shuffling through a pile of paper to find something the more time you have to both be productive and to relax when you are done.

It is very important that your home office space is healthy. This means for one thing, well-lit. It has been proven that people are more productive and positive with bright lighting. If at all possible to have windows open then you also have air, which has been proven to be necessary for all life. Get some whenever you can. You also need good, indirect light for your work area.

Your eyes are under a strain especially if your home business is a second ‘job’. Be sure to look away from your computer to something as far away as you can at least once every hour or so to decrease the strain on your eyes and corresponding muscles from focusing on one small area too long.

Be sure to have your eyes checked often. If you need glasses for the computer or reading, get them and wear them. Having tinted lenses really helps with the burning glare of the computer screen and florescent lights. Having less eye-strain will make your work easier.

Seriously, there are conditions of the eye that are completely controllable if not curable – but only if you catch them in time. You only have two eyes and you need both of them ideally. So treat them as a precious gift.

Another thing that can cause you to be distracted and less focused, is not having the correct chair. Be sure your chair arms line up directly with your keyboard and mouse. Your arm should not be down or up – straight forward and flat is the best way not to put pressure on your wrists. If you don’t have a footstool, you can use a phone book because lifting your feet slightly puts less strain on your lower back from sitting for hours on end.

You may take all these things for granted and believe they are not important; but the most important element of building anything is the foundation. You want to start with good habits and make sure you are taking care of the boss (you) so that everything runs smoothly and successfully. These things don’t always come naturally, but need to be cultivated.

While Making Money Can Be a Hobby, It Isn’t a Game

If you work at a demanding full-time job and have a gnarly commute to boot, you probably are not real enthused about spending more time working to start a home business so you can be making money on the side. However this is the very thing you should be doing. It may help to look at it as a hobby – one that you are interested in and find to be a fun project that you look forward to.

@ super business man

The motivation doesn’t even have to be making money – you can imagine not having that grizzly commute and just working from home someday, kicked back with your feet up, enjoying the journey as much as the thought of the eventual destination. The point is this could be critical someday, so find a reason to love it and pour whatever is left of yourself by the time you get home into it.

We can never know what is around the corner. Whether it is going to be something that helps or something that hinders. Therefore we need to be prepared, and making the most money now, while you still can, is a wise decision. There is a whole laundry list of possible disasters of varying magnitudes that could befall you and your family. If you had some money saved and/or an alternate way to support yourself well-established, landing on your feet would be a lot more sure.

So many things that we may have grown up being accustomed to are either gone or in a precarious state. You just never know what will happen to the company you are depending on to pay you a pension. Their investments can tank just like your own. There is no longer the concept of ‘too big to fall’. We have seen the biggest corporations fall to their knees and it can happen to individuals as well, as a result.

We saw what happened to millions of people in the last ‘recession’ where people lost their money on the stock market and even lost their homes that they worked all their lives to buy. We saw people who were reaching retirement age realize they had insufficient retirement funds and instead of planning a trip to Cabo they find themselves looking for part-time jobs for senior citizens. It’s just tragic. It’s heartbreaking to imagine looking forward all your life every day to something that is only a mirage, built with ‘funny money’.

What is the risk for you to invest your spare time in starting a home business to start making money so that you can feel a little more secure? For one thing, if nothing catastrophic happens where you need the money, you may be pleasantly surprised when you see you actually have enough money saved to buy something you really want but felt you couldn’t afford, like a new car or to take a vacation now while you still can.

The bottom line is it isn’t a game – if you are going to start a home business you need to take it seriously. Your home is a ‘kicked back’ environment, and lots more relaxed than the hostile corporate or retail work environment; however this could mean that you have to even more so be really determined and focused – absolutely committed, so that you will stay motivated to take care of business.