When You Work at Home You Can’t Go Home from the Office

Your office is in your home, versus you live at the office. You need both a home and an office. This may sound like nonsense but it does have important points. The problem with living at the office is that you may become inclined to work too much.

work at home
Having an idea at midnight is a good thing (ideas anytime are good!). You should take action as soon as possible or at least write down the details so you don’t forget what may be a very bright idea. You may also remember something that you need to do. However, if you have already worked more than 8-12 hours, you need to rest. Remove yourself from your work at times as a rule. All you need to do now is make a note to do it soon.

If you work at a job most usually don’t want to bring their work home with them, and it’s best not to. This includes emotional baggage from stress that is created by the whole hamster wheel rut to get to work, be at work and go home from work. If you are self-employed your routine can be varied somewhat anytime you feel the need. When you work for yourself you are free to a certain degree!

The day job has a start and stop working point, and then there is the struggle in traffic as ‘punishment for a job well-done’. The commute, at least is a break from the actual work — if anything good can be said about all the chaos of being stuck in traffic. It does provide a period where you can mentally switch gears from work to home.

Some people work to live, and some live to work’ – either way it’s ok. However we need to have moderation and balance in everything – enough work and enough play but not too much of either. With that said the person who loves to work will probably do a much better job. Try to find the good points!

When we rest, we cleanse our minds. It is crucial for our bodies to have relaxation and sleep on a regular basis. People who take ‘cat naps’ are more efficient – sharper than those bogged down by too many details. Taking naps, or at least shutting our eyes for a few minutes is good for the soul. It is not slacking unless we are not getting our work done (and maybe it is because we are too tired).

It is imperative to take frequent short breaks to rest your brain, eyes, neck and arms. Even sitting at your PC or desk for long periods is hard on your back and circulation, so better get away from your desk to stretch and walk around a bit if you can. Just a couple minutes is helpful to your health and efficiency.

Some Important Internet Marketing Skills

If you are going to start an online business there are a number of Internet marketing skills that should be acquired. Many of these skills are important for success in any industry. Many are developed within, such as determination and motivation. You need self-confidence and a desire for accomplishment.

Do it Right!
Anybody doing anything anywhere needs the ability to stay positive. There may be periods especially in the beginning where business is slow or non-existent just yet. You need a strong mindset to keep yourself from becoming discouraged during these times. The situation should make you try harder rather to give up or slack off because ‘what is the use’.

Being capable of remaining focused is a huge internet marketing skill – and usually needed for anything where you hope to accomplish something specific. Chaos can be a prevalent atmosphere in business. One can be totally overwhelmed especially if they were not organized before the chaos set in. Organization is one of those skills that you need for practically anything.

Being organized is almost required, particularly for someone who is trying to navigate anything new. It is best when you are trying to focus on something that you remove other unrelated things from your space so that they do not distract you.

Planning is very important and is a big part of being organized and helping you to focus on what needs to be done. Just as people use maps so that they know which way to go, planning will save you so much time because you won’t need to do as much trial and error.

Writing is a key Internet marketing skill. You will need to write for advertising, email marketing , networking with peers, prospects and customers, and blogging to promote your business online. It is important that you express yourself clearly especially because you probably don’t have the opportunity to explain what you mean in a live conversation as you would if you were in retail or offline.

The last thing you need to close a sale is an important question they have before they make the purchase. If it requires back and forth emails or calls to ask and answer a question, it can mean they will just move on to something that is less trouble or that they can do right now.

Under no circumstances should you cave to your inclination to say you can’t or won’t write. You need to figure out how if that is the way you feel, or be willing to pay for writers. In the long run money concerns aside, it is to your own benefit to do things for yourself. In any case, be very friendly and responsive in your communications with prospects, customers and peers.

Your Home Business – Be Sure to Create a Business Plan

To be sure you stay on track, which is easier when organized, you should have at least a tentative plan. You need to know if you have any money you can invest in your business or you must find free ways to do everything at first. You should have a plan so that you can commit your time.

know where you are going
Your qualifications and skill-set that you have acquired in your working lifetime are the core assets you have to work with. They represent the foundation that you will build upon to create a profitable business. You can always get a lot of free information and even ‘formal’ training online if you would feel better to update your skills.

It is fairly important that you be confident in what you can bring to the table when starting a business of your own. You may need to learn to use simple technology, and even learning about a new industry or niche may be on the agenda for you. Since you will be technically ‘self-employed’ it is more or less up to you what you do or don’t do. Probably best if you can avoid doing things you really don’t like if they are not necessary. If necessary then learn to live with it.

It may help you to do some self-assessment exercises at the planning stage of developing a business. Like an inventory, listing what exactly you have to work with. This will make you feel strong and/or point to things you may need to get some more details about before you can proceed.

On purpose or not, you will be learning lots of new things as you go along – even while still in the planning stage. If you have an open-mind and are willing to learn and to do the work necessary, you will do fine. It is best to get anything you need to learn out of the way so that it doesn’t become an obstacle that keeps you from making progress.

Be honest and play a role reversal game. Take stock of your skills and attitudes about work and ask yourself if you would you hire you? Apply for a job in your own home business. Write a cover letter resume and state why you are qualified for the job and really believe you are the best candidate and should be chosen for the position.

Remember not to use ‘convincing’ behavior or ‘selling’. Merely present yourself and leave it at that. (selling and convincing can create an atmosphere where people will resist rather than cooperate) if you do not do it in the right way.

Use power words to describe your assets such as for example, accurate, dependable, reliable, flexible, proactive, timely, can learn quickly, are efficient and enjoy helping others. Spell out your skills – mainly emphasizing the duties for the available position. You can also include ‘life’ skills. For example you were on a debate team, or committee at your church or club.

Final Exercise: Provide actual statistics and other information to demonstrate where you have had on-the-job experience using your skills. Provide the position title and define all the duties that you performed. Give length of experience and special recognition, promotions, and accomplishments. Be sure to include references the employer can contact.

How to Create a Plan & Stay Focused When Starting a Home Business Online

If you are starting a home business, it really helps to have a concrete plan. In the context of creating a plan, you will set goals that you plan to achieve at various junctures. It may seem a simple thing if you only have goals like ‘to be a millionaire’ or ‘to go to Europe on vacation’, with the plan being just as general, such as ‘earn money for trip’. These may be good ‘ideas’ and you may even achieve them both someday, but they are not really goals or plans in the sense of mapping out what you need to do to achieve them.

have a plan!

A real plan would list step-by-step what you need to do to achieve your goals. For example, if the plan is to ‘begin advertising campaigns’. What form(s) of advertising do you have in mind? Where will you place your advertisement(s)? What will you need to do to create your ads? How much does it cost if you use an advertising service? Where can you see ‘track records’ of the success rate of using these companies? There may be lots of little side trips here to get to your target of placing your first ad. So you want to list them out, and take one thing at a time, take action and then move to the next step. If you can’t complete a step, don’t use it as an excuse to wait. Make a note and try to move to the next step.

One way to do this is ‘backward planning’ which is to put the end result at the top and then detail all the steps you will need to take to get there. This can really get complicated with dependencies – for instance, in order to get to Point C you have to accomplish Point A and B first.

Example would be Point C is placing an ad with a paid advertising service, but before you can actually do this, you must accomplish Point A which is that you have to create the ad. In order to do this, you may have to do some research to get ideas about what to say and how best to say it. So accomplishing Point A may involve doing research online, reading a book about creative writing, or finding a list of ‘power words’ and then using them in different ways until you find the one that really sounds compelling to you.

You may even take this a step further and do some ‘split-testing’ which would be to create two ads that are different (for example different title and/or different text, length etc.), and run them both to see which one converts best. Then take the best one and submit it to the paid advertising service. Point A is accomplished as far as you can take it at this time, because now it is on to Point B, which is that you have to wait for payday so you have the money to pay for the ad service. That’s easy, however if you need to create a budget at this point, you better do it so you can meet all your obligations as well as afford to promote your business.

An important thing to remember is to keep your goals achievable. If you are an unrealistic ‘dreamer’ it is likely you will not only miss the mark to achieve your goals, but you will be disappointed and feel like a failure. For example with the goal of ‘becoming a millionaire’ – doesn’t it seem more logical to think in terms of earning $100 or $1000 first? If you can do that, then you can probably ‘wash, rinse and repeat’ to eventually figure out how to get $10,000 – then $100,000 and finally, $100,000,000!