Home Business – Go Forth and Prosper

With your own home business, you can go forth and prosper no matter what happens on the surface. Unlike a day job where they may eliminate your position, you are not ‘up a creek without a paddle’. With your own business, especially if you have chosen to follow the ‘multiple streams of income’ strategy, you can just choose a new opportunity to replace one that has been lost.

keep going forth
Particularly with the ‘affiliate marketing ‘program model you do not need to miss a beat. Everything to get started is provided to you as part of the membership. It would be good though if you had done a little research previously so that you do have some information about your new opportunity.

There is certainly no rush that would make it necessary to go into something without knowing anything about the company, principals, reputation and product. So if you haven’t so far done this, you really should run a few queries at Google.com on possible business opportunities.

Because of the way things are always changing online you should be prepared and well-informed especially about the programs/products you already have and certainly before you take action to add another business opportunity.

There are some pretty strange situations that may arise and which may impact you. You need to ‘watch’ to see something coming down before it reaches crisis proportions (especially if you have money you need to recover if the company tanks).

Be sure to read the details – the real story and not just rumors and innuendos. In almost every case it is not the program or principal who has caused the trouble. Seriously, they are usually paying as agreed and both the program and the members are doing great.

Honestly in 99.9% of the problems it is a 3rd party that is the cause of the problem. It can even be the government or bank that confiscates the funds while they ‘investigate’ their accusations (and usually nobody ever sees their money as it is spent on legal fees, court costs, etc.)

Recently a very good company has imploded and then additionally been the victim of multiple scams to ‘straighten’ the issues out for them. Really sad what bottom-feeders will do even to people already being victimized (the company and members).

So the point is don’t rush to judgement, but do pay attention and try to get out with your assets if you can, ASAP. You are not the captain in this case, so no reason for members to go down with the ship although many times there is nothing anybody can do to avoid it.

Home Business Issues – Would You Knowingly Do Business With a Flake?

Seriously if you had advance knowledge that one of your peers or vendors had credibility issues would you proceed to do business with them? By credibility there are degrees that range from just not being on time for deadlines to more serious issues like not paying debts or repeatedly not delivering on promises.

keep straight
Note that word ‘repeatedly’ – stuff does happen once in a while. We are all human and things can transpire that are actually beyond our control. So don’t make snap judgments – cut people some slack. However if it becomes a pattern where there are frequently issues that are inconvenient to you, then you should really start reconsidering your decision to work with this person or company.

Remember the saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’. Even if you are reasonably straight in your business transactions, if you associate with people who have credibility issues you may be considered as one in the same. People may wonder if they can trust you either.

Again it can happen to anyone that we join a program that tanks or worse has some legal issues that end up costing people. If nothing else, the fact that this can happen to perfectly innocent people should tell us that we need to do some research before we join a program. We should also keep checking periodically for any indications that there may be trouble coming.

You know the saying ‘if it sounds too good to be true it probably is’. Really apply some logic and read up on the various infamous scams. Ask yourself – does this sound like that? If yes, you probably don’t want to get involved. Do consider however, that a small detail may make it different, so you should ask the company directly if you have any doubt either way.

Not saying believe every rumor but you as an intelligent adult should be able to tell the difference between some wild rumor and several comments or reviews which seem to be pointing to the same direction. You can choose to hang in there and see what actually happens, and risk losing a little money on the opportunity should it be the worst case scenario; or you can take your money and go before it comes down to that.

Working at Home – Escape from Your Computer

All dedicated computer users probably understand what it is like to be really engrossed in whatever computer activity we might be involved in and unable or unwilling to stop even momentarily. However it is important to understand how seriously unhealthy it is not to get up regularly to rest the pressure that is being put on your entire skeletal system.

You really need to get your circulation going by moving around. This can take the form of short walks around your house, or some type of stretching exercise. It doesn’t have to be longer than a few minutes every hour or two but should definitely not be ignored.

At the same time you should be aware that your eyes need to rest as well. There is one exercise that involves looking at something as far away as possible (out a window for example). Focus on that for a few minutes. Your eyes will not be stuck at whatever distance is between you and your computer monitor. You can also alternate this with just closing your eyes for a few minutes to rest them.

None of these suggestions are remotely close to ‘slacking’ – they are necessary to maintain your good health. Look at it like if you were in too much back pain to work. Your neck is stiff, your lower back is painful, and you are not able to stand it after a while and must take time off to recuperate. This represents lost productivity and consequently income in addition to ruining your health.

If you do abuse your spine, one thing that is very effective and much healthier than pain pills or even OTC pain remedies is to get an ice pack – Ideally one of those that usually has a blue gel and is reusable indefinitely. It lives in your freezer and you take it out and use it for not more than 20-minutes on the same spot off and on.

Three more tips you should be aware of to alleviate some of the strain on your lower back that comes from too much sitting, etc., are as follows:

#1 Employ some sort of a footstool (a phone book works). You will feel right away how you are more comfortable not straining;

#2 Be sure that your computer keyboard and mouse are exactly in a straight line with your hands. This means no reaching up or down and straining your wrist and neck;

#3 Your monitor should be exactly at eye level – again this is no straining to look up or down. It should naturally be straight ahead.

If you want further information – just Google ‘ergonomics’.

Online Business – Never Burn Your Bridges

Not all people will always agree on every point and for that matter may vehemently disagree on many things. We are all different and that is the way we are the same. Diversity makes the world more interesting. With that said grudges are something that doesn’t need to exist and in fact make life complicated and ugly.

just get along
No matter which side of the fence we may be sitting on in a disagreement or confrontation, we need to learn how to negotiate and collaborate. At the very least we need to ‘agree to disagree’ and respectfully move on or change the subject. We are not forced to agree or to change our point of view although it would be an additional advantage to the relationship if we were able to admit we may be wrong.

You never know a year from now if you are faced with a wonderful proposal to start a new project or business and there is your nemesis! If your past argument ended on a friendly note, then there may be a chance that one or both of you forgot what the confrontation was even about. At the least it won’t matter and you can try to work together and maybe even laugh about it.

On the other hand if it ended on the ugly side you probably need to move along and find some people to work with who you have more in common with? This can prove to be very embarrassing and will limit your chances. It would also be very disappointing to you (maybe both) if you realized on the spot that a possibly great opportunity will be missed due to some petty argument in the past.

This is just another reason to always keep an open mind. Do not ever limit your options by being stuck to a way of thinking that cannot be changed no matter what the logic may be. Sometimes it is much easier to consider the other person’s point of view and unless it is something so radical as to be in your opinion morally or ethically repugnant, at least think about it and be gracious in your refusal.

Home Biz Start Up – Use Your Problems as a Punching Bag

We all agree we would rather ‘not make waves’ and have everything in our lives running as smoothly as possible. Almost like what they call ‘living on easy street’. However things can happen at any time to change that perception. Problems may arrive at any time that could impact your health, your family, your home, career, or finances.

roll with the punches
Of course it would be best for all concerned if there were none of these dramas. However, obviously we have to learn to ‘roll with the punches’ whenever they do. Depending on to what degree there are problems, we need to be prepared ahead of time as much as we can analyze and determine.

Sometimes people just need a challenge. Maybe it is just too much easy street that can become a rut. Once in a while, we need something to push us in order that we make some extra effort. Again it is hoped it is never anything serious.

… but did you know that for some people something extremely negative can really push them into a whole new realm of optimism? You would be very surprised how the ‘fight or flight’ instinct can come into play. There are a few different personalities that may be relevant here and each one may respond differently.

Here is a real simple example: If you are a positive person in general, and the problem is your home business. Maybe you notice that your sales are tanking. First you need to find out why and make some changes to your operations and/or budget (business operating account).

You jump right on it and manage to beat it – you may try several things until you see the trend has changed after a while. You keep on pounding it until you are ‘home free’. Good job!

The other type of person figures ‘oh well’ it’s no big deal the few dollars I ever made with this’. They just leave it as it is and let it sink deeper into a black hole. Eventually they terminate the program and/or the website. No big deal except you may have just eliminated a source of income that someday could have been substantial. Not to mention wasted any time or money you spent on it in the past.

Oh well it is only money that could have been yours.

Time Does Seem to Fly – Use It Wisely

Take care of your time – Use it to earn some extra money.

You may think you are young and you may be – you may have plenty of time before you even think you need to be concerned about awful words like retirement or pension. However you would be very surprised because many things can happen in your life that may derail your perfect plans. You should start as early as possible to be concerned about these issues due to that fact. Never have a cavalier attitude about anything as you may regret it.

don't waste time or money

For a sickening example, let’s consider the last recession. We are talking about people who started working in their 20’s and started accruing pension and various retirement investments. They may have also acquired real estate as part of this portfolio. They had a good plan and they were faithful to themselves in contributing to a good result. Set for life, right?

It doesn’t hurt to note here that these people are in the minority. Most people are not nearly as prepared for one reason or another so it may be even worse for them. It just may add a little drama to the already very sad tale. So by the 2008 recession these folks are getting to be around their 60s or close to it and nearing what would have been projected as ‘retirement’ age in a less cruel world.

We won’t accuse anyone or delve into the various causes of the recession – let it just suffice to say it wasn’t caused by the people in our story. They are the victims. Somehow suddenly about half their retirement savings are gone,if not entirely. So now rather than planning on their retirement and looking forward to some sort of ‘reward’ for working all their lives, they are looking for part-time work for seniors.

At this point in their lives it is rather late to start over and/or to ever dream of any sort of meaningful recovery. It’s criminal and it is just so very tragic. The worst part is there is no retribution except in the most extreme cases of outright fraud. The point here is that you should start young to save money. Don’t put it all in your employment benefits accounts, although it would be good to also contribute to those since they usually match by double. Keep an account separate from everything else.

If you have any spare time try to earn extra money; (and you know all that web surfing and social networking is fun and all but really does nothing for our bottom line) – unless we can somehow work it into helping us to promote an online business. Since it is spare time and spare change at this point we should just forget about any income from it. Just let it accrue and keep generating by being engaged as much as possible to make it work on the side. You will be surprised ‘at the end of the day’ where you have this nice little chunk of money to help you get by.

Home Biz Strategy: Light vs. Dark

Do you ever take stock of how much time you waste feeling discouraged? Have you not quite wrapped your head around the fact that it takes time to develop any business? There are folks, bless their hearts, that no matter how many times you explain this to them and even to outline the logical reasons for it, they will still be back whining within a few weeks.

keep the light on!

What really seems useless is they will write long emails vaguely describing all that they have done and why these things should supersede any other logic. It’s like here is a nice paragraph that could be a blog or other article or advertisement. However, instead they have obviously wasted time writing it because it serves no productive purpose and will absolutely not help the situation.

In fact there was a time when talking or writing about problems was considered therapeutic so if that is true then the whining diatribes are not totally a waste of time. However it seems much more logical that reliving every slight or magnifying whatever the problem is just makes it seem twice as bad. It happened and now you are describing it and making it come alive again.

Along with these thoughts comes all the reasons why one is becoming skeptical and why they just knew this was a scam. What a waste of time the darkness. It does nothing to help no matter how many times you repeat the mantras. It just makes things worse. You can really drown yourself and your business if you insist on spending your time there. Darkness is just exactly where you can’t see where you are going. In a sense you are lost.

On the other hand light overcomes the darkness – all you have to do is switch it on. Psychologically and spiritually it says there are possibilities. Even if you don’t know yet exactly what they are, you realize you should keep trying to figure it out. You should move on and don’t look back once you understand what you could have done differently.

Maybe some real far out abstract thought like ‘maybe I could try harder’ or ‘maybe I need to devote more effort to this’ or ‘maybe I need to go through the training again and make sure I am doing everything I can’ would shed some light – not only on your mood but on your reality.

Remember the Indian legend where the old man explains to his grandson about the battle going on inside of us that is a war between good and evil (in so many words). The grandson asks which one wins and the man says ‘the one you feed’. This is something very simple yet profound that we should remember from time to time to help us get out of a dark place.

So in our situation, if we are feeling discouraged because so far we have not had the expected results, we don’t feed that. Instead we feed the light and find out what we can do to make things turnaround for us. It may not be today or tomorrow but if we stay on the right track we will get where we want to go. Leave the light on!

Don’t Let Your Home Based Business Be a Time Trap

The reasons people express for wanting to work from home are many and varied, but most home based business owners cite the ability to set their own hours as a major factor in their decision to work at home. However, many people that have work at home businesses often fall into a trap that flies directly in the face of their stated desire for time flexibility.

escape from the office!

The strong growth in home based business activity continues and according to the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, fifty-two percent of ALL small businesses are home-based. Some home based business owners have been known to become “workaholics” because their office is so accessible. Don’t become a slave to your business…get out of your home office regularly to renew and revitalize yourself.

Close the door to your office or otherwise remove yourself from your designated “work area” and go into your “home” area to live your personal life. If your business involves the use of the telephone and you find it difficult to ignore a ringing phone in the office, simply turn the ringer off and turn the volume on the answering machine way down. If your business is Internet based, just turn off your computer (or at least get away from the monitor and keyboard).

As a work at home business entrepreneur, you certainly aren’t required to be available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week just because your business is located in your home. After all, your office or workspace is just an area in your home…it’s not your home itself! Working and living under the same roof has a host of advantages, but it can present some challenges (in addition to the workaholic syndrome mentioned, above) and stress factors.

Here are four ways to create a less stressful home business environment:

-Remember why you wanted to become involved with a home-based business (i.e. more time for family, work schedule flexibility, etc.)

-Have discussions with your family members and get their input about the working arrangements and the amount of time they want with you.

-Use good time management techniques. Keep a list of tasks by order of importance. There are many low cost and effective “day planners” or “organizers” readily available today.

-ALWAYS take a little time to “smell the roses”.

-While not experiencing the negatives common to a corporate office working environment, the home-based business owner may occasionally experience stresses and frustrations that are unique to working at home.Networking with other home-based and small business owners provides an opportunity to connect with others who may be experiencing the same stresses/frustrations that you are. Sharing stressful and/or frustrating issues with someone else in the same situation can relieve your stress and may bring you good advice from a different point of view.

Small Business Funding – Reach Into Your Own Pockets!

Every business has start-up costs and your new home-based business will be no different. As the old saying goes “You need money to make money”. That may be true to some degree but there are many ways you can help yourself. You will find working online is way less expensive than most other business models.

funding your business

So where do you get the money you need to start a home business? The simplest way for home business owners to get the money they need is from the principal owner’s own pockets. That means YOU! Many work at home entrepreneurs simply use their own savings to fund their businesses, and/or use money from personal resources such as…

* Savings
* Squirreling away a little money from income you have coming in
* Sacrificing entertainment, travel, clothes or toys 50%
* Personal Investments
* Credit Card Advance (not a great idea)
* Sale of Assets
* Second Mortgage Loan
* Borrowing from Relatives (well maybe not)

The alternative to funding it yourself is to apply for a small business loan. The biggest issue there is that unless you have sufficient collateral, or any related experience in your field of business, you may not qualify for this type of loan.

Luckily, the amount of cash you’ll need to start-up your new home business will likely not be so much that it prevents you from raising the start-up cash on your own. Why? In general, you should be thinking SMALL, or rather MICRO home-business. That mind-set will help keep the amount of your start-up funds to a minimum. Many people will have GRAND visions and will want to blow all their money right out of the gate. Now that might work on a rare occasion, but I think it’s wiser to start smaller than you may think and then grow at a financially responsible pace. Have a plan that doesn’t have you putting a third mortgage on the house or cashing in your 401K. That’s just stupid!

Keeping your overhead low is key, which will be easy since you’re working from home, and making sure you have the adequate funds necessary will also be vital to your success. You don’t want to run out of money before you’ve had enough time to fully implement your plan. That would really a shame as you would never know if you could have done it if you had a better plan!

Some recommend having enough cash to keep your business up and running for at least 6-months or even for the first year. Proper planning is essential and calculating your expenses is crucial in order to determine how much money you will need to finance your new “Micro” business. You should only budget what is absolutely necessary for you to start-up your business. Be reasonable and don’t budget for unnecessary or luxury items. Now you definitely don’t want to skimp on the necessary items, because they will make your job easier, but there’s no need for industrial grade equipment if it’s going to cost you more or a $150 phone when a $50 one does the job just fine.

When it comes to funding your home business you should plan carefully, be realistic and do not jeopardize your personal finances. You still have to maintain an acceptable quality of life.

Online Business Opportunities and Reviewing ‘Scam Buster’ Websites

It is unfortunately true that there are dishonest business practices. The fact that people believe they are anonymous on the Internet has allowed there to be a frontier for dishonest schemes. There is dishonesty everywhere however and it is not something new to the Internet. So we do need ‘watchdogs’ that may reveal something that might protect us, but they should also be scrupulously honest and actually have provable evidence.

scam or not

However, some of the sites that claim to identify ‘scams’ are also suspect in that regard. It is common for these particular sites to base their ‘reviews’ on their own opinion or bias rather than on proven facts of which they have none. They can have their own agenda and exploit what is completely circumstantial to prove their point.

In particular this refers to a few of them that blatantly point out every perceived short-coming of a company and then, as if by coincidence just happen to be promoting a competitive opportunity that is so much better in their opinion. What a perfect way to make their company look great when it’s put up beside a company that is suspected of wrong doing, whether true or not.

It has been noted that some of the most famous ‘scam buster’ sites that have influence on people’s decisions, have in the past accepted money to remove negative reports and that has been brought to light (proven). We should never trust them after that. The result is that we are not getting the truth about a company that could pay to have their negative press eliminated. At the same time you may read that an innocent company is a scam because they did not pay to have the information removed when someone had a negative opinion about them whether fair or not.

This criticism is also extended to the fact that just any maniac can write a review and harm an innocent party online or on a social network. So someone who is disgruntled about something that didn’t go the way they would have liked, or is just a plain old malcontent that complains about everything and anything can really cast an innocent company in a bad light. Who knows that these people are not exactly honest? The harm is done to the company and the weirdo just walks on feeling proud they were able to inflict their hatred.

In many cases if you do your own due diligence you may be able to see the statements they are making are obviously not true. In many cases the person did not follow the directions or in fact even read them and then they were upset. Is that the company’s fault? In others the person did not even give something a fair chance but instead pronounced there to be something ‘wrong’ rather than to admit they don’t want to work but expected something for nothing.

So the moral of this story is check everything out for yourself thoroughly and if possible from multiple, unrelated sources. Don’t blindly believe anything either way. Find out for yourself if it is something you are interested in.