How to Avoid Magical Thinking When Starting a Business Online

The main problems with magical thinking all seem to be related. The cycle goes something like this: It starts with not being realistic or logical in our thinking as far as what we can reasonably expect. There are not many places you can go from there, other than to become disillusioned when it doesn’t happen. The result is usually quitting before giving it a fair chance when we don’t see instant results. While it is true a lot of the Internet marketing ‘hype’ may make it seem like there is no work involved in succeeding, you have to ‘read between the lines’ if you are thinking logically: Of course money will not pour out of your computer starting tomorrow if you just buy this gimmick or join that program.

magical thinking

Are the marketers lying? Actually no, because people have made money on the Internet and if they have experience and a ‘list’ it IS very possible that someone could make money right away. What they are saying is it is possible. However you must consider that just because someone else has done it in X number of days, that does not guarantee you will also; and by the same token just because the majority fail, that does not mean you will also fail.

The thing is that you have to be willing to learn and to work. You have to be willing to give it time – many people are in such a hurry that they refuse to do anything that is necessary once they find out they will not become wealthy instantly by osmosis. These are the ones that do not think realistically. They want to believe in a fairy tale or fantasy. Even if you say that the fairy tale is actually quite possible if they are willing to invest their time and effort, they are not interested anymore. They wanted so to believe they could get ‘something for nothing’ that their dreams are just dashed; So they quit without even trying.

In this same vein are people who want everything for free – in many cases they really don’t have any money – even a little bit to start a business online. In fact they are in crisis mode and actually what they need is a job. They need money to survive, and where they will be paid directly for their efforts. The best thing in this situation is for them to get a job and work on starting a business in their spare time if they really want to do that. Reality = must survive while building.

There is a whole mentality though that is associated with ‘freebie seekers’. They are unwilling to invest in themselves even when they are able. Again, these people are not being realistic. It’s true it makes no sense to have to pay money for a ‘job’. However to create your own business by affiliating yourself with a program that will provide resources, products and services where you can earn commissions, is a different story. This same group believe that they can approach an online business for ‘credit’ – ‘You don’t know me from Adam, but if you pay my way, I promise to pay you back when I make money’. What store or business is there where you can make this kind of arrangement? There isn’t one. Not in real life.

So if you are really serious about realizing your dream of starting your own business, be realistic. Look at the big picture. “Success is always spelled w-o-r-k”, and Work + Time = Results.

Home Business – Being Prepared for the Unexpected

There is not one of us that knows what tomorrow will bring. Times are such that we absolutely can’t depend on much of anything for sure. What used to be security or safety is simply theoretical. We could lose our job, we could have a health emergency in our family, the stock market could crash, the car could break down, a fire could destroy our home. Any number of nightmares may become a reality. We just do not know who or when or why. We only need to realize it can and does happen every day and therefore it is really not wise to be in denial or say we will worry about it when the time comes.

Certainly sitting and worrying about it is not the answer. If we can try to prepare, though, we can relax a little bit knowing we have a plan for recovery or a ‘Plan B’. You may want to consider each of the above calamities and just create an overview of the ways you could try to protect yourself and your family. Naturally having some extra money would be the key to many of the ways we could survive through a crisis. It is really not so easy to save anything much though because it seems like as the cost of living rises exponentially, wages do not seem to keep pace anymore.

So it doesn’t seem like being able to put away $5 or $10 every payday will really amount to much even in a year; taking into consideration if you had to survive a crisis. Of course if you are fortunate to have good credit and one or more credit cards, one thing you could do is try not to use them and pay them down. You might as well put that $5 or $10 toward making a larger payment over the minimum due. That way you will have your credit line to fall back on in an emergency.

The other thing you can do is to start a business from home. You can easily do this in your spare time, evenings and weekends. Some people may feel that they need a year to even get something together to begin earning extra money. It may be true if you are thinking in terms of doing everything from scratch to build an online business. Nobody needs to do that. There are a plethora of applications and programs that do everything more or less for you, and you just need to learn how to do very basic things to get it running.

One of the quickest ways is to join an affiliate program. They will literally give you everything you need to get started technically and you could potentially begin to earn income quickly with some consistent effort to learn how and then to promote it online. There are programs that you can even join for free, but to be honest most of the time if you really want to earn real money you will need to upgrade. There are very reasonable fees and no contracts. Make an investment of your time and a small amount of money to get started BEFORE something happens so that you can feel safer knowing you are building income for any contingency.

Stay On Top of Working From Home

While it seems so much more relaxed and laid back to be working from home, it is actually just as much ‘working’ as a job – or should be. However just as there are breaks required by law for every so many hours worked at a job, as well as a lunch break, you need to structure your time at home in the same way.


You shouldn’t look at your breaks and time for yourself as ‘slacking’ – that is as long as you actually are ‘taking care of business’ when you are working. You need to look at having a balance in your life. You can’t just work – even if it is necessary to have more than one job, or you go from your main job to work at home building a business.

We are only human. You are not going to win any medals for non-stop work marathons. Those should be the exception only when something unusual happens such as technical problems, or some other temporary project is a priority. On a regular basis you need to take time out to maintain your health – both physical and mental. It’s no joke.

Not to mention eventually getting ‘burned out’ and unable to proceed, or spinning your wheels (working without getting anything accomplished); if you collapse from exhaustion, who is going to run your life? Very real conditions due to over-work for young people as well as older folk, are chronic eye strain, neck, wrist (carpal tunnel, etc)., and lower back pain.

Then there are the things like neglecting your family at the same time. You need to spend some ‘quality time’ with them – whether it is an hour in the evenings, a few hours on the weekends or whatever time you all have to be together. You might understand you are doing all this work for your family but the only thing a child understands is you are never there for them whether working at home or away at a job.

You should be taking frequent breaks to rest your eyes and one thing that is recommended in this regard is to focus on something as far away as you can at least every couple hours. Close your eyes for a few minutes and completely rest them. Make sure you have good indirect light and that your monitor is at eye level – not up or down.

For your back, get up from your desk and walk around the room and stretch if it is not possible to go out and take a walk in the fresh air and sunshine – or to go to the gym for a good workout. Try to always sit straight and have a foot rest (phone book works) to relieve the stress of sitting on your lower back.

Be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night, and take a whole day to completely escape from your computer periodically, and on a regular basis. It is a known fact that taking ‘cat naps’ makes your more efficient – so take a short nap whenever you can.

Have a plan – schedule your work time and get your work done during that time. You will find that being rested, relaxed and having a life apart from work will make working from home a whole lot more productive and gratifying. Of course hopefully also more profitable!

Home Business Opportunities – Learning to Take Calculated Risks

Everything in life as we know it is about taking risks. We have to decide which are necessary and how we can minimize the risk to a degree that we can feel safe. When you are choosing home business opportunities the risk is a real factor to be considered. However in most cases the risk can be minimal.

take small risks

First though let’s think about the risk-taking itself. Some people are not willing to gamble with even a penny because they are so skeptical. If this is severe, they may never step out of their comfort zone and may have to be satisfied with the status-quo their entire lives. This can mean staying in an unfulfilling job that is never going to ‘go’ anywhere. It can mean passing up all opportunities to exceed their current, unsatisfactory level of income.

So really it seems much more of a healthy perspective to tolerate at least some level of risk, if nothing else to keep life a little interesting. However, there is a saying though that comes to mind and is very logical and that is ‘never gamble with more than you can afford to lose’. With business opportunities there is definitely a range of involvement that we can have where we can build up in steps so that we don’t lose much if we make the wrong decision.

Home business opportunities range all the way from affiliate programs (the easiest, fastest and cheapest way) to creating our own product or membership program (big time involvement and financial investment). Where the biggest risk is and coincidentally the most scams, are when somebody offers to build you a website for $1000 or $3000 – now that is a huge risk on several levels (e.g., will they even do anything except take your money, will they do it right, will they fix what isn’t working, will all be completed timely, will they honor their refund guarantee?). The other risk is if there is any sort of ‘contract’ where you will be locked in to making payments even though you hate it for whatever reason.

So best to wait until you have some skills and experience yourself before you try anything complicated or costly. Even with affiliate programs while most are very inexpensive especially for all you get for the membership fees, there are some that cost a lot for upgrades (usually optional) == and they may make it seem like you don’t need to do anything besides join up and pay. Nothing could be further from the truth at any cost. You need to prepare yourself to work and work hard over time to build your business. People and programs may help you get started but if it is going anywhere from that point, it is you that will need to take it there.

Affiliate programs are good for somewhere to start – not only because you can get in them for a low cost ($10-20) a month – but there are usually no contracts beyond month-to-month – so you can really see what it is all about from the inside and risking $10-$20 to do that is really not unreasonable. You will not be required to have technical skills or Internet real estate – they will usually provide you with at least an affiliate sales page that you can advertise at the minimum, and likely more resources like banners and graphics; and maybe even some level of training in Internet marketing.

You are risking a small amount of money to ‘get your feet wet’ – to see if you even like Internet marketing and advertising (affiliate marketing) – to see if you have basic computer and Internet skills where you can navigate sites and forms with any ease (if not, just a little experience will make it get easier). If you really focus on whatever opportunity you choose to begin, you can either make a go of that (earn some nice money eventually), or else move on to something a little more difficult and maybe a more expensive risk to take. (but if at all possible never sign contracts of any kind unless you are in total control of everything starting with the technical side).