Don’t Play the Blame Game with Your Home Business

Don’t blame the business opportunity – It’s you who are responsible.

Who is responsible for our lives? We are. Sometimes things happen that we don’t control but for the most part we are the one in charge. If things don’t go as we planned then it is us that needs to do something to improve things.

no blame

The truth is that when people blame God, their country, their ‘luck’, or their affiliate program for their failure, they are just copping out. It’s ok but if you need an excuse to fail, grab one. Of course better if you don’t and instead you come up with alternatives to keep on trying. That depends on you and the strength of your character as well as if you are truly motivated to have your own business.

Alternatives may include putting things aside for a better time and then to begin again when the time and circumstances are more appropriate for you. They may also include scratching everything and starting over from the very beginning. For some reason you just may have gotten off on the wrong foot or had too many other priorities. It could have been a million different things. There is no blame.

You see, if you blame external forces when things go wrong or just don’t go period, then you have a perfect excuse not to analyze what may have been the problem and correct it. It may actually be the program but you would really need to analyze it to reach that conclusion. It does happen, but the truth is it is more than likely that you did not engage with it enough.

You have to realize when there are people in the same program that are doing great with it after investing sufficient effort to promote it, that it probably isn’t the program that is the problem. Right? Maybe if you spent some time and did some networking someone would give you some tips.

One of the beauties of computer world and online world is you find people who do not see you as competition or someone to be feared, but as a peer and someone who should be helped if needed. It is as if helping others is something to be very proud of and appears to be as important as earning commissions. Always remember it Is true that ‘what comes around goes around’. Shine your light wherever you can!

Come from a Place of Abundance in your Home Biz

Find Free Ways to Promote Your Home Business – That is Also Abundance

Abundance is where there is always plenty. Whatever it is, it is sufficient and more. Whether or not this has manifested itself materially to you yet, or it is a psychological place where you feel lucky and blessed, it rocks. When you wake up in abundance each day you should feel thankful and blessed.

be thankful

This colors your whole day and your attitudes. Really if you want to get right down to the basics, most people rich or poor share the sunlight, the fresh air, the water, the trees and everything else of beauty. Again you don’t have to have money to enjoy the natural things that have been provided for everyone.

For business it is that you feel self-confident and are able to take a certain amount of risk. Instead of feeling like you can’t do something to promote your business because you can’t afford it, or for whatever reason, instead you feel that you can’t afford not to do it and that is a lot closer to the truth in any case.

If you are going to have a home biz the main things you need to do are advertising and marketing so that people will be aware of your company, product and/or opportunity.

Regardless of whether you are in a confident, expansive mood and ready to invest some money, you should be taking every opportunity to find free and inexpensive ways to promote your business at all times.

That is also abundance – being able to function without much and knowing that it can work anyway if you just try hard enough. It would be pretty natural to say that without money we do have to work at things a little harder and to be more creative.

How about an abundance of words? You must realize that a powerful, free way to promote your business with a blog is totally fine; if you use it frequently to present your ideas, information and company to the world it can work abundantly well!

Be Sure to Get the Whole Story

Before passing Judgment on a business or even a person, be sure that you know more than what is apparent. Things could be going on behind the scenes that explain perfectly why something has or has not transpired as originally indicated that it would. I think we all know that some unexpected things can happen that we have no control over.

find out the real story

There is sometimes nothing we can do but live with it and hope our friends will still believe in us in spite of it. Really there shouldn’t be such a big difference between a customer and a friend from either side. There should be a degree of trust and tolerance. On the one hand the person should be as transparent with you as possible to explain what exactly happened.

However on the other hand let’s talk about professionalism. Sometimes people can’t be perfectly honest because they are protecting someone or something else’s reputation. No excuse to cover up a crime of any kind no matter who it is, but just in general business circumstances. It also becomes a different, intolerable story if there is always some excuse especially where money is directly involved.

Think of all the people who may have invested themselves and their money in a business. If you ruin the reputation of a business without good reason you may essentially be hurting innocent people and their ability to succeed with that business. So before you do any harm, be sure that you really know what is going on and/or the reasoning behind the change.

For an example let’s say you have a program that is lately constantly not available online. This can get really maddening for one thing and for another it can become suspicious. That is why it is a good idea for the principals to get an email out there explaining the situation as far as they can. ‘We have a problem, we are working on a resolution, and we apologize for the inconvenience’.

However what if they don’t know what the problem is? What if it is some tiny obscure piece of hardware that has burned out and they haven’t discovered where it is? You can’t fix your problem unless you know what it is. It may take a few tries of having experts look at it before you identify it and can start to work on it. Then you tear it all down and put it all back together and hope you didn’t have to order parts from Timbuktu. It’s not instant.

You are doing everything you can but it is just not working. Be sure to keep emailing your people to assure them that you are actively engaged in finding a solution. If you can it might be a really good idea to create a video or hold a webinar so that people don’t feel like ‘oh wow I am paying for this program and can’t even get in’. Try to think of things you can do to keep them from going off the deep end while you fix your problem.

A Million Ideas for a Home Business

The possibilities are endless. Of course with that said some of the ideas we have may not be possible at least at this time, due to many different reasons. However if we stick to realistic, reasonable goals and within those parameters do some brainstorming, we might come up with ideas we didn’t even know we had!

brain storm ideas!

One way to get started is to make a few lists. Start with your skills. What have you done at each job you have had? First use – broad categories but then outline the details so that you know what it involved. What training and/or education have you had?

On the next list, detail your interests. What do you enjoy doing? What do you consider your hobbies? What would you like to do if you had the time or money? What have you always wanted to learn more about or to experience such as travel to a specific place or taking a Thai cooking class.

Now we want to go back to each list and think of ways we could use our skills and/or interests to create a business at home. For example you see you have experience with customer service, bookkeeping, word processing, or other office skills. These would make a perfect service business. Many people that have small businesses do not have these skills and need them so they will pay to have them done.

For example most Internet home businesses need writing – for blogs, advertisements, marketing (emails) etc. If you have a flair for writing and you have good grammar and can type decently you could earn money writing for people. There are just a few facts you need to gather in order to know how and what to write for them.

You are not confined to only office services. You can almost instantly become an affiliate marketer and earn commissions if you like sales and marketing. If you find in your skills and/or interest lists that you love arts and crafts, then you can create a gift business using those skills. You can create gift baskets to sell on the holidays or year round that include things you have made from food to ceramics to soap and candles.

Any business including Internet businesses will at some point involve marketing and advertising to get customers or sales. This can be from any perspective – it could be what you do as your service business for others. However what I am referring to here is the fact that you will need to promote your own business and so the first thing you should write are your own advertisements.

If you don’t have a website and do not know how to create one, you are like the vast majority of people including home business owners. It is a very simple matter to set up a blog account and use the pre-formatted themes that they give you free, to create a different ad space. Add some pages with your services and your costs, a free Paypal button and you have a good start.

However no one will see your website unless you promote it and this is where you will need to learn some basic skills with regard to Internet marketing. There are a number of inexpensive services that others can provide for you to get you started. Once you see what is going on you may be able to do everything yourself for free!

Online Home Business

Everything moves very fast on the Internet. We like that. It makes everything work better with an instant response. We can get a direct question answered from a live person, and at the same time we have the most recent up-to-date information available on just about any topic.


It would stand to reason that when we have a business online that it can and does often move right along at the ‘speed of light’. That is there are likely frequent changes. These changes may be in several areas that can impact your business. There can be new and improved techniques for marketing and advertising; there can be new and exciting opportunities we want to get in on at the inception, just to name a few possible changes.

The point is not to hang back but to be ready to change at any time to take full advantage. This doesn’t mean to be overly impetuous and make changes that you haven’t researched and thought out. It just means to keep an open mind and be ready to consider anything new that may have an impact on your bottom line – your profit.

If your business is brand new the profit may be in the future. You need to have the ability to see the details of what is going on today, as well as to see the ‘big picture’ – what you hope to accomplish. It is very important that you understand it is not likely to happen immediately. Most businesses require that they be developed over time.

With this said though being that on the Internet everything is so much faster, easier and more inexpensive than most other platforms, you don’t need to ‘look forward’ to the customary ‘5-years to profit’ statistic that is part of usual business theory. It can be MUCH faster than that online.

Part of the reason it takes so long to show a profit offline is because of the money going out of pocket for various things you don’t need online (such as office or store rent, insurance, staff, inventory, etc.) This is money spent when nothing is coming in and may be over a very long period so you can see how that would add up and be much harder to overcome to realize a profit.

It is much easier and faster to do business even online if you have a little money to spend to help you get the things done that are necessary to conduct your business. If you don’t even have a little bit of money then you can learn how to do many things yourself for free. Either way it will require some time and some effort to build your business. The point is that you have everything going for you as long as you keep an open mind and keep progressing.

Your Home Business Should Always be Flourishing

Really simplistically, business is all about one thing and that is sales. It doesn’t matter what the business is or does, it needs to have a steady stream of sales. This is usually accomplished through advertising and marketing to attract prospects. So for one thing whether it is doing great or not so much, you need to be fairly aggressive at all times to promote it through advertising and marketing including organic strategies like blogging, linking, etc.

contact your list

The higher the volume of sales, the more profit you make. Notice the word profit? That comes from sales but only if you are not spending too much money to run your business. You do need to be aware of how much you are spending to advertise, market and administer your business. Again real obviously you need to generate sales that exceed your expenses in order to realize a profit.

So it is not always the best thing to do to incur a lot of expense exclusively to bringing in new business. Although there should be some resources dedicated both ways, the leads and prospects you already have in your system should be encouraged to convert to a sale. In other words don’t ever write them off because they haven’t yet responded by transacting a sale. Wait a little while and then send them something new.

Once you have their contact information you should really concentrate as much as you can on showing them that the products or services that you are offering are just what they need or want, and can solve their problem, whatever it is. There is a science to email marketing in that there are better days and times of day when people are more receptive to email. So you might track this and try different ways.

As well, there are differences in rate of deliverability of emails with regard to sending plain text or HTML messages. While on one hand HTML is much more dynamic and attractive, you should also send plain text as it may be more likely to be opened and read. Of course the reputation of your autoresponder provider is of key importance in getting value for your dollar. You want to make sure that your mail gets delivered and preferably not to their spam folder.

A good copywriter can make a big difference in dictating how your messages are received by your prospects both old and new. You want to have content that is somewhat creative and dramatic enough to compel the prospect to make a purchase. Keep it business-like but yet friendly casual and interesting.

You should periodically check out your own business to see how your strategies are working. Consider each of the points above and make sure to ‘dot your i’s and cross your t’s’. Naturally if there are new things you can add to your arsenal, research them and see if it is possible for you to add them to what you are already doing (or even to replace something you are doing that does not appear to have much response over time).

Part-Time Work from Home

If you are currently employed either full or part-time and need to make some extra money, or you unexpectedly have become unemployed, part-time work from home may really help you. While you are looking for a full-time job you have some hours in the day where you could devote to building a part-time income from home. In addition to the money you can earn, you will also acquire new skills and confidence from doing something on your own.

part-time work

If needing extra money is not a temporary situation, a part-time income from home can work nicely – a lot better than having two jobs to go to. Just compare if you had to jump from Job A to Job B with the double commute, the time constraints, etc. It is much more convenient to just go home as usual after Job A and relax. Then you can turn the computer on and start working again.

In the current economic climate it may be a good idea to start a home business if your only reason is to start saving money for an emergency. You may be doing ok living from paycheck-to-paycheck like the majority; however if something ‘extra’ happens like large medical deductibles, car or other large appliance failure, you should be prepared.

It is much better to know you have something to fall back on should something happen than to have to go into debt that may take you several years to dig your way out of. By the same token, it is always the right time to be focused on paying off your debts. Just having the ability to make more than the minimum payment due, you will be very surprised how you can get past debt and stop paying interest. If you ever want to be shocked awake, go add up all the interest you are being charged for your various debts while you have no choice but to make the minimum payment.

The other horror to keep in mind is how in the last recession millions of people lost their entire life savings, real estate, investments, etc. This can happen to anyone. These poor people worked all their lives and did all the right things to save for retirement. However now they are 65 and looking for part-time work just to get by. So there is another group that would benefit greatly from starting up a part-time home business to ‘squirrel away’ some extra cash.

There are many possibilities that you may consider to start a home business online. Believe it or not they do not have to cost a lot of money. You may be amazed to find many resources on the Internet to help you start your business with little money. You just need to look at the search engines and ask just about anything to find an answer.

Your Home Business – The Little Red Engine that Could

No doubt you have heard about the children’s book, ‘The Little Red Engine That Could’ written in the 1930s. If not, the crux of the whole matter is the little train struggling along to haul a huge load of cars and merchandise and as it goes it keeps repeating while it chugs along: “ I think I can, I think I can”.

keep on trucking!

So obviously in motivational literature this book is quoted many times because it shows the determination and strength necessary to stay focused and to ‘keep on trucking’. We will always just about anywhere in this life, no matter what we do, encounter obstacles and difficulties. If we allow them to become our focus then they will prevent us from doing many things we would otherwise accomplish in spite of them.

It’s as if it is some sort of right of passage that we have to struggle. Why? To prove we really want something enough to fight for it? Or conversely to weed out those things that will just be a waste of time because we really don’t care about them enough to fight? It seems appropriate to remind of the saying: ‘What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger’. So this must really relate to the belief that when we overcome difficulties and trials that we become stronger because we are conquerors.

Looking at it from the dark side, if we think we can’t then we probably won’t – Or said another way ‘if you think you can’t you are probably right’. So you have to decide on how you will function with your mindset. Plenty of us are used to being very negative because so many things are not in our control and we wish they would be otherwise, but can’t do anything to change them. We have to ‘accept the things we cannot change’. Very good advice but sometimes it is hard to do and we wonder why that is the best we can do.

We really have to force ourselves sometimes to see things in a positive light – to find the good in things that really don’t appear that way on the surface. If you have to, then try to see conquering your obstacles and problems to continue on to do what you need to do as an exercise that is strengthening you. It is true that if you can learn to overcome the small things that this will help you when you have to overcome something that is really important or substantial.

Believe in yourself and stay positive. Try to focus on the light only and just brush off the rest and keep moving onward! It wasn’t a famous saying, or classic literature, but just a deodorant commercial – however it really stuck and is appropriate to this conversation. “Don’t ever let them see you sweat”. :)

The Home Office – What is Ergonomics?

“Ergonomics is the scientific study of people at work. The goal of ergonomics is to reduce stress and eliminate injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of muscles, bad posture, and repeated tasks.”

sit straight!

What is becoming more and more evident are warnings about the dangers of sitting for long hours. Some of us can’t help it as we sit at computers or desks doing our jobs. However there are ways to mitigate the situation if we will listen to people who tell us to get up and move around at least every hour. This gets your circulation going, and relieves the pressure on your back from being in the same position for long periods.

If you are in denial about this because you don’t feel any pain, it is more than vague ‘back aches’ etc., it is literally killers like heart disease and diabetes that can develop from too much sitting. This seems to be the case even with people who exercise vigorously every day.

To make things worse, you have to add in commute time and TV time to work time, although you would hope reclining would help at least with some things as you are stretched out and more or less relaxed. So in any case there is every reason to get up at least hourly to stretch and walk around, to focus your eyes on something far away, or even to shut them briefly to relax.

It seems that our life style even though we don’t think we are doing anything that is particularly risky behavior can shorten our shelf life unless we take steps to protect ourselves from a myriad of things that can be harmful. This is a good recent article on this subject below:

Certainly those of us who work at home enjoy many freedoms that we might not feel comfortable in exercising if we are working for ‘the man’. It seems apparent that your larger corporations are more cognizant of things like ergonomics as they feel the bite when they have a lot of people out on sick time in addition to normal colds and flu, due to stress and pain. This can represent a massive loss of time and revenue.

Some smaller employers seem to have the attitude that ‘if you don’t like it you can leave’ when it comes to giving anybody extra space, time or resources to improve their health and well-being. They often have more of an attitude that you are being paid and that is all that they are responsible for. It is a very sad day that people have to put up with ogres because they need to put food on the table.

Since home business entrepreneurs are their own boss they should make sure to take care of themselves. This means to have good seating, good lighting, ventilation, etc. and definitely to get up and stretch and if possible walk every hour for a few minutes. Don’t look at it like slacking, look at it like if you get sick who will run your business?

The Early Bird Gets the Best Ideas

They say that our most creative time is first thing in the morning. We can also supposedly retain information best at this time. Obviously if we have rested sufficiently, then we have the maximum amount of energy we will have for the day when we wake up, (allowing time to stumble around a little and make coffee first).

get the best ideas!

While it is true one of the biggest selling points for a home based business is how we can control our time – work when we want to – stop when we want to, etc. If at all possible we should get things done early when we have the most energy and are thinking clearer. If we constantly put things off they will become as if they are low-priority in our minds, and we will possibly begin to sluff them off if we are tired, etc.

This goes together with the problem of being your own boss and not being accountable to anyone but yourself. Well you are accountable to your customers and anybody you are working with, but this seems pretty flexible in the home business world. It is too easy to tell yourself you will do it later, or tomorrow and then either never do it (forget it) or do a poor job because you are tired or preoccupied and/or now need to rush because you have waited until the last minute.

Make no mistake, having a business needs to be taken seriously if we want to succeed. It has to be a number one priority whether it is part-time or full-time. We will have flexibility as part of the beauty of working from home for ourselves. That is IF there is something special you need to do or somewhere you need to go, you can always juggle things around so you can get everything done that is necessary.

As with anything there is great diversity among people. There are some that are ‘night people’. Those that work better at night or really get going by dark. Of course for these folks they should do whatever works for them. Part of the beauty with a home business is things are not rigidly controlled by hours such as 9 to 5, where we have 8-hours to cut it or not. Naturally if you get behind it will begin to ‘catch up with you’ and your job performance will suffer.

When you are able to look at the clock as 24-hours you have so much more time to do everything. So you are really quite free when you work for yourself to do a few hours of work here and there. The point is to get it all done efficiently and timely most of the time. The other point is every waking hour shouldn’t be spent glued to your computer or enslaved by your business. There has to be balance in everything. Enough work, enough rest, enough play. It is only when we have this balance that we can really thrive and excel.