Did You Know What Goes Around Comes Around

Never be afraid to share, regardless of if it is information or even money. Somebody must have given you the information you were seeking, right? Fortunate for you. Think of the difference if they had the attitude that they better not be so honest, because if they told you, you might beat them out of something. (competition vs friendship). Somebody taught you what they knew (shared) and hoped that maybe they had helped you.

Since mankind is not 100% evil, it may just be the case that you are lucky to meet someone who had been successful themselves and wanted to ‘share the wealth’. If they were really good, they may have felt that they needed to ‘give back’ to the universe some of the blessings that they had received. It’s a beautiful way to think, especially when compared to folks that figure ‘I got mine’ (so that is all that matters).

Something really amazing is when someone has been given some real breaks – tangible resources, training, content, etc. for free – and instead of being grateful, they would begrudge their benefactors from making money “off” of them. They would actually seem to go out of their way to do business with anyone but those that had gifted them. Is it some kind of foolish pride? Shallow competition or just plain cruelty?

It may be somewhat understandable when in direct competition to do all you can to ‘win’. It is also possible to have a ‘win/win’ situation where everybody helps everybody and all can benefit. If I am trying to teach you something and you are able to learn, then I succeeded. However if you refuse to learn then we both failed.

If I share something with you that someone shared with me, and you don’t pass it on to someone who is in a position to need it, as you were, then it just dies. Maybe somebody who would have benefited from the information will fail because they didn’t know. Will that make you more of a winner? Hardly.

That is the mindset of someone who doesn’t understand that ‘what goes around comes around’. Maybe when a door slams in his face he will get it. Good or bad – we never know when we will get what we have coming to us. It works both ways – the more good we do the more good we receive and the other way around. So be a winner and don’t be afraid to give it up. Share what you have and be thankful for all that you have been able to benefit from.

The Internet is a Sea of Information in Your Home Business Office

There are just no limitations to finding just about anything online – whether what you want is virtual, digital, or tangible products, from services to information. It’s a researchers and shopper’s dream atmosphere! Truly everything is at your fingertips on the Internet 24/7/365!

information super highway

Let’s take an example. You keep hearing the word ‘autoresponder’. What in the world is that? If you query a search engine you will learn not only what an autoresponder is, where to find them online, what the various options are, to see how much they cost, and to compare one brand with the other to find the best one for you. You can also read reviews from others as far as their opinions on the various brands of autoresponders.

When people are new and starting an Internet marketing business, they may or may not know what they need to do exactly. If they are really serious about starting an online business, then they will likely have many questions and start to really pursue getting more information. They may take some time to even realize that they need to learn something or acquire some necessary component. It takes time and the fact that the information is right in your sphere, every day can be a learning experience. Just having taken action to find it has required more skills and you have gained new experience; therefore you grow along with your business.

Of course everything in this regard is better done with confidence and fearlessness, yet folks may not realize that they have life experience and business skills, which are resources they own right now. Even though they may feel they are at a detriment because their computer skills are not stronger than they are, they will learn something every day.

That’s where confidence would be a real benefit – because they would realize that they will learn whatever they need to know as they go along. Something we feel we are lacking should never be given the power of sabotaging our goals. They should be seen only as small obstacles in the road. All we do with those is either resolve them and move along, or if they can’t be resolved right now, then we need to just go around them and move along. Make a note to go back later.

The point is to keep moving forward. In the meantime find out what is necessary to resolve the issue and start giving some attention toward it so that by the time the issue becomes critical, it has been chipped away at sufficiently to be simply eliminated from our ‘to do’ list.

Information is Power Only If You Take Action with It

We certainly do see a lot of references to the fact that information is power. It is great to know facts and theories but unless we use it for something it is just filed away in our memory bank. We are very fortunate in having access to the Internet which is a vast ocean of information. There is almost nothing that you may wish to ask a search engine that you can’t get pages of links that reference your topic.

use info-power

The point being with regard to Internet marketing and all that this involves, we can get a good idea of the techniques and strategies absolutely for free if we are just interested. So the initial action would be to use the available, free resources online as a constant reference. Whatever it is, just ‘look it up’ (search). This would seem particularly relevant to new terminology that we encounter if we are just starting out to develop an online business.

This is more important than you might think because if you are reading instructions and you encounter a word or acronym you are not familiar with, if you just ‘evade’ it, whether you are conscious of it or not, from that point on you are in a kind of haze. So actually not taking a minute to find out what it means, is possibly wasting all the time you spend after the encounter. If we use a recipe for a cake as an analogy, leaving out the leavening will produce a flat rock rather than the fluffy delight we are hoping for.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one area that may be one of the least understood elements in the beginning of an Internet marketing career. It just sounds very technical and as such seems to create almost an aversion. The reason it is so important that this be overcome sooner rather than later, is that #1 the search engines are like the traffic cops – they can pretty much make you or break you as far as traffic being one of the top concerns for an online business, so you want to do all you can to cultivate a good relationship; #2 It is a powerful, free way to promote your business.

With just a little bit of research and probably millions of links that can help you toward that end, it seems like this would be one of the primary strategies to promote an online business. Instead it seems like only when one becomes more sophisticated or experienced they take the time to find out what SEO is about and to begin to use it. It’s no wonder that so many people quit before ever getting to that point, and in truth the only problem is they weren’t really interested in putting forth the effort to learn.